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Arbëresh Translation Services - Now Available

When most people think of the Albanian language, they most likely refer to Albania. However, a unique variety of Albanian has been spoken in Italy since the medieval period. This is known as Arbëresh, and is pleased to announce that we can now offer Arbëresh translation services.

We are available to translate Arbëresh, so feel free to get a quote.

A History of Migration and Mercenaries

Arbëresh is a variety of Albanian spoken by the Arbëreshë people of southern Italy. They are descendants of Albanian migrants who came to Italy during the medieval period and often worked as mercenaries in local militias. Throughout history, this group maintained their own ethnic identity as well as the Arbëresh language.

While the language is closely related to modern Albanian, it’s hugely influenced by both southern Italian dialects as well as Greek, making it distinct and at times mutually unintelligible. As it comes from a medieval variety of Albanian, Arbëresh retains many older features of Albanian before the Ottoman invasion of Albania.

Arbëresh has a long history of poetry, songs, and folklore as well. While it’s been mostly used as the spoken language of Albanians living in Italy, it was also used in documenting affairs in the Italo-Albano Catholic Church.

Communicating in Arbëresh

To best communicate in Arbëresh, one cannot simply consider it a kind of Albanian. The language has its own peculiarities and features that require special expertise.

With our experience and well-honed skills, can help with any communication needs for the Arbëresh language.

Contact us now for a quote or to find out more about Arbëresh.


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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