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Albanian to English Translation Services


As the Balkans continue to grow as an economic force, it’s important to establish ties in the region. As such, languages such as Serbian, Bulgarian, and Albanian will become more important. Using the right translation services will help give you access to three growing nations.


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Albanian is the official language in Albania, the Republic of Kosovo, and North Macedonia and has over 7.5 million speakers. While it’s common to find documentation in these countries in Albanian and other local languages, it’s quite rare to find high-quality English translations of essential documents.


Although the younger generation is quickly gaining familiarity with English, finding the expertise needed for Albanian to English document translation can still be difficult and strenuous. Whether you’re planning to conduct business, do marketing, or work in academics, it’s important to have your translation as accurate as possible. Our team of skilled and experienced translators at will ensure that every part of your Albanian text will be intelligently translated into English.


Materials we can translate from Albanian to English


  • Academic texts. Our agency also offers translation services for academic works. We make sure to use professional translators with the relevant knowledge and experience in the given field to translate studies, journal articles, research papers, and other academic texts.

  • Legal documents. Our team of legal translators has the experience and training needed for legal documents such as employment agreements, wills and trusts, real estate documentation, financial statements, and any other legal documents you may need translated.


You can stop searching for the perfect Albanian to English translation with Whether you need Albanian to English translation services in Tirana, Durrës, Prizren, Pristina, or Istanbul, our team is ready to lend its expertise.


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