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You may think that everyone in Indonesia speaks Indonesian, and for the most part, that’s correct—around 80% of the population speaks Indonesian. But for most people in the country, Indonesian is their second language, not their native language. With more than 700 different languages, Indonesia is one of the most linguistically diverse places on the planet, and regional languages like Banjarese are still thriving.

Banjarese is among the biggest of Indonesia’s 700+ languages, as it has around 3.5 million speakers. It’s spoken by the Banjar people, who live mostly in southern Borneo, but many Banjars also live in other parts of Indonesia. Banjarese is so prominent in the area it’s spoken that it’s even used as a lingua franca and the default language of communication there, although most people also speak Indonesian. But since Banjarese has little clout on the international stage, it’s hard to find translation companies that work with it. At, we believe minority languages deserve the same attention as bigger languages, so we’re proud to present our Banjarese translation team.

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Here are some details about Banjarese.

The Banjar people live in Borneo, the largest island in Indonesia by area, shared with Malaysia and Brunei. Banjarese speakers are concentrated in the southern part of the island, specifically in the provinces of South Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, and Central Kalimantan. There are two main dialect groups of Banjarese—Banjar Hulu and Banjar Kuala—which mainly differ in pronunciation but also mildly in grammar. Banjarese is a Malayo–Polynesian language, by far the biggest branch of the Austronesian language family, and although Banjarese is sometimes considered a variant of Malay, it’s quite far removed from other Malayan languages.

While Banjarese today is often written in the Latin alphabet—like most other languages in Indonesia—it can also be written in Jawi, a modified Arabic script. Historically, it was usually written in Jawi. Banjarese also features politeness distinction, which is common in Indonesian languages, although it’s concentrated in the personal pronoun system in Banjarese. This means that the pronouns someone uses depends on their relationship with the person they’re talking to and social factors like their age, status, gender, and more. There are three tiers: polite, neutral, and rude.

Knowing which pronouns to use can be tricky for non-native Banjarese speakers—but our Banjarese translators are native speakers and can seamlessly translate to and from Banjarese.

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If you need Banjarese translation services, we’re here to serve you. Our passionate team is staffed with diverse translators who have experience in various areas of Banjarese translation, so we just need to know what you’re looking for. Some of our translators are specialized in translating historical documents written in the Jawi script, while others have found their niche in translating Banjarese literature and folk stories into captivating English. Others yet specialize in business translation from English to Banjarese, while some other translators on our team flourish in translating English-language books, websites, apps, poems, games, and more into Banjarese. All these endeavors help the Banjarese language and culture thrive, so our Banjarese translators are passionate about their work.

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Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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