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Bikol to English Translation Services


The benefits of providing materials in English are enormous, and translation into English can add value to nearly any project. With accurate Bikol to English translation, you can expand your potential readership to more than two billion people across the globe.


At, we recognize that English is a common language, alongside Tagalog, throughout much of the Philippines. However, we also know that producing faithful and accurate translations is an involved and complex process. Our translators and language experts have the skills and experience to ensure any English translation carries the same content and feeling as the Bikol original.


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Our translators are prepared for the challenges of translating Bikol. While Bikol has at least six distinct dialects, our team has the experience needed to work with any of them while remaining faithful to the original text. Similarly, our team knows how to translate Bikol’s extensive inventory of discourse particles into English appropriately without losing the intended meaning. This ensures the translated material retains the same tone as the original, allowing your message to truly reach your new audience.



Materials We Translate from Bikol to English


  • General documents. Our translation team can support you with translations for a range of materials, such as personal communications, documents for different domains, and online content.


  • Literature and cultural materials. The majority of Bikol-language folklore and literature remains untranslated or translated only into Tagalog. We work actively with publishers and researchers on a range of works, including folkloric stories, traditional poetry, short stories, and more.


If you need high-quality Bikol to English translation services, we can help you no matter where you are. Our team can support your project in Legazpi City, Naga City, Sorsogon City, or anywhere else.


To learn how our team can help you or to get a free quote, message us now.

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