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A Reliable Translation Team for Anyone in Hungary


Hungarians know who to rely on for great translation services:

Hungary is somewhat of an anomaly in Europe—the country is predominantly populated by the Uralic Hungarian people, who are related to the Finns and Estonians but not all the Slavic peoples who surround them. Hungary is thus culturally and linguistically unique within the region, and the country certainly has a lot to offer. For example, Buda Castle and St. Stephen’s Basilica are important tourist draws, and areas like Hortobágy National Park and Kiskunság National Park show off the country’s natural beauty. Of course, the Hungarian people are also a wonder to behold, and we at are here to help them translate their academic, corporate, and creative texts to or from hundreds of languages.

What language do you want to translate to or from? Hungarian? Romanian? Croatian? German? Romani? Or perhaps something further afield, like Swahili, Brazilian Portuguese, or Japanese? We cover nearly any language you can think of—even endangered languages like Hawaiian and Welsh—so we’re confident we can accommodate your translation needs.

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We offer translation services to every Hungarian.

Hungary isn’t a small country. Its 9.6 million inhabitants are spread across the Great Hungarian Plain and beyond. Budapest accounts for the most people, but cities like Debrecen, Szeged, Miskolc, Pécs, and Győr also house significant portions of the population. At, we’re passionate about helping all Hungarians—whether they’re academics, businesspeople, or artists—no matter where they’re from.

·        Whether it’s Eötvös Loránd University, the University of Szeged, or the University of Debrecen, Hungary proudly houses a number of prestigious post-secondary institutes, where students and professors from around the country dive deep into subjects from biology to computer science. Our academic translators are here to ensure the international academic community knows about their discoveries. We are familiar with a variety of fields and can translate nearly any discipline.

·        If you’re contributing to Hungary’s strong economy with a business venture, you can rely on our business translators to further your endeavors. Whether you want to take your native Hungarian business to the rest of the world or are looking to set up a branch of your international company in Hungary, our business translators can help you prepare internal corporate documents and promotional materials for correspondence across borders.

·        Hungarians can be pretty creative—evidenced by the rich literary tradition of the nation. Today, Hungarians produce novels, short stories, poems, films, TV series, documentaries, and more that deserve international recognition. Our literary translators can help Hungarian creatives translate their manuscripts or scripts into any language they want while meticulously keeping the original voice and style intact.

·        Do you work in a technically dense medical subfield like immunology, anesthesiology, or ophthalmology? If so, then you know—whether you’re in Hungary or any other country—that the terminology is nearly incomprehensible to non-experts. But don’t worry, our medical translation partner company is here for you, providing confidential medical translation services in a wide range of specialties.

·        Any legal subfield, whether it’s family law, criminal law, or corporate law, is complex, both in Hungary and elsewhere in the world. You can’t trust just any translator to handle a legal translation—they must be well acquainted with the esoteric lingo of the field. Fortunately, we’ve partnered with a top legal translation firm, so no matter what area of the law you practice in Hungary, you can access reliable legal translation services.

·        Are you looking to move to Hungary or perhaps to emigrate from the Central European nation? Whatever the direction, you may find you require certified translation services of official documents, like birth certificates, marriage certificates, or death certificates. Luckily, our translators are qualified to provide certified translation services for hundreds of languages.

·        Digital content is the future—and Hungarians know it. That’s why there are so many creative and innovative Hungarians in the tech realm developing all sorts of programs, apps, websites, and games. If you want to gain traction with your digital media outside of Hungary, you’ll need localization services. Reach out to our localization team today!

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From the world to Hungary: our translation team

We’re serious about providing the best translation services we can in as many languages as possible. That means we’ve sourced skilled translators from every part of the world, including various areas of Hungary. Many of our team members are also experts in additional disciplines, so the technical vocabulary of various fields can’t trip us up.

With around 9.6 million inhabitants, Hungary isn’t the biggest country in the world, but it’s certainly not the smallest, either. That’s a huge number of scholars, entrepreneurs, content creators, and others who need a translation service they can rely on to carry their message beyond the border. That’s where we at come in. Our services are accurate, flexible, fast, and affordable.

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That’s right—you can get a free sample of our translation skills with no obligation to proceed with a paid order. We’ll translate an excerpt of the text of your choice to show you how we can help you break down language barriers with your project. It’s up to you whether you want to continue with a paid order, but we’re confident in our translators.

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