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English to Romanian Translation Services


With a population of 20 million, Romania is an often overlooked but large market, presenting great opportunities for companies and investors thanks to its expanding economy and strategic location in the Black Sea region, which serves as a gateway to Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East. Businesses can grow within Romania in fields such as banking, manufacturing, energy, electronics, consumer products, and more.


Do you want to establish a business presence in Romania or otherwise reach a Romanian audience?


Get a quote for English to Romanian translation services today. translates the following documents into Romanian:


  • Business and marketing documents. We translate English business documents such as permits, plans, leases, and corporate bylaws into Romanian to help streamline the process of registering a business. Marketing materials including product catalogs, posters, flyers, sales video scripts, PowerPoint presentations, press releases, and websites can be translated as well. Translating website content to Romanian can help businesses effectively reach Romanian-speaking web users worldwide.


  • Legal documents. We have partnered with a legal translation agency, meaning we assign all legal documents to translators familiar with legal terminology and the intricacies of Romanian law. Examples of legal documents we translate are birth certificates, marriage licenses, diplomas, professional licenses, non-disclosure agreements, employee contracts, and terms and conditions. We also offer certified translation services.


  • Academic work. We offer translation services to professors, researchers, and graduate students who want to share their knowledge with the Romanian academic community. We translate English academic documents such as surveys, journal articles, books, conference papers, and research reports.


  • Technical documents. Some documents require translators with technical expertise in fields like medicine, engineering, information technology, software, robotics, etc. We translate technical documents such as user guides, installation manuals, medical reports, quality control handbooks, and standard operating procedures.


  • Works of literature. We also translate novels, children’s stories, biographies, poems, and other fiction or non-fiction writing into Romanian. provides translation services at competitive prices. Our English to Romanian translation services are available to businesses, academic organizations, and individuals in Bucharest, Timisoara, Sibiu, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and anywhere else in the world.


Get an English to Romanian translation quote now.

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