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English to Finland Swedish Translation Services

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Sweden isn’t the only country that speaks Swedish. It is, indeed, the birthplace of the Swedish language, and most of the world’s Swedish speakers live in Sweden, speaking Standard Swedish. But over in neighboring Finland also live a large Swedish-speaking minority. Unlike Norway and Denmark, Finland does not share a native culture or linguistic roots with Sweden—Swedish and Finnish aren’t even from the same language family. Nonetheless, Finland’s Swedish-speaking minority thrives in the country and speaks their language proudly—so anyone looking to engage a Swedish-speaking Finnish audience should consider specialized English to Finland Swedish translation services.

Standard Swedish and Finland Swedish are largely mutually intelligible—but not always. Certain dialects in Ostrobothnia, the Swedish-speaking region of western Finland, are mostly unintelligible to Standard Swedish speakers and even Finland Swedish speakers in the south of the country. However, regardless of the level of mutual intelligibility, Finland Swedish always contains certain dialectical differences that distinguish it from Standard Swedish and are difficult for translators from Swedish to emulate accurately. That’s why we at have created our own English to Finland Swedish translation team for anyone catering to a Swedish-speaking Finnish audience.

Take a moment to message us and ask about a free quote for English to Finland Swedish translation services.

What are the differences between Standard Swedish and Finland Swedish?

While Finland Swedish speakers may not account for a large percentage of global Swedish speakers, they represent an important community in Finland. Bilingual communities with a Swedish majority can be found along Finland’s western border and southern tip, with many native Swedish speakers also living in Helsinki, the nation’s capital. Åland, an autonomous archipelago located off the southwestern coast of Finland, is classified as monolingually Swedish speaking. Since Swedish is a compulsory subject in Finnish schools, Finland also accounts for the majority of the world’s Swedish second-language speakers.

Finland Swedish makes an effort to incorporate neologisms from Standard Swedish, which ensures the two variants remain largely cohesive. However, surrounded by a Finnish-speaking majority, Finland Swedish speakers have naturally adopted loanwords and calques (literally translated phrases) from Finnish, which can be difficult for Standard Swedish speakers to understand. Finland Swedish dialects may also contain vocabulary now seen as archaic by Standard Swedish speakers. A translation that incorporates these elements of Finland Swedish is a great way to show your Swedish-speaking Finnish audience that you care.

We’re here to translate nearly anything you want from English to Finland Swedish.

Our English to Finland Swedish translation team is staffed with translation experts from all over Finland who boast experience in all sorts of translation domains, so we can work with nearly any translation project you might have. Academic translation? Corporate translation? Literary translation? Esoteric language? Slang? Our Finland Swedish translation team can handle it all.

If you want to share your work with peers at Åbo Akademi University or the University of Helsinki (which offers instruction in both Finnish and Swedish), our English to Finland Swedish translators can help. Whether you want to translate a journal article, dissertation, research questionnaire, or anything else into Finland Swedish, our team is here to help. Don’t worry about technical terms either—we have experts from all sorts of domains on staff.

Companies operating in Swedish-speaking Finland should cater to their customers by translating promotional materials, such as ads, web copy, press releases, and posters, into Finland Swedish, which indicates investment and pride in the local communities. Our English to Finland Swedish business translators would be happy to help, since we understand both translation and business.

Do you want your creative project to be a hit in Swedish-speaking Finland? Our English to Finland Swedish translation team can help make it happen. We have literary translators eager to translate your novel, short story, or poem, subtitlers who can help make your movie, video, or documentary more accessible to Swedish-speaking Finns, and localization experts ready to translate your app, software, or game. Translation experts like ours have no problem retaining the unique style, tone, and creative flair of the original text in the Finland Swedish translation.

Dive into English to Finland Swedish translation today. Just send us a message to tell us what you’re looking for.

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