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We’ve Just Added Ojitlán Chinantec Translation Services

Spanish isn’t the only language in Mexico—not by a long shot. In fact, although Spanish is the dominant language across the Central American country, it’s not native to the land at all—that honor belongs to the hundreds of indigenous languages still spoken in Mexico today. And it’s not just major indigenous languages like Nahuatl or Yucatec Maya. Particularly in the south, many indigenous languages are still vigorous in the country, such as Ojitlán Chinantec.

Ojitlán Chinantec boasts an approximate 38,000 native speakers, making it a sizable indigenous language with a relatively large community. It’s the biggest language in the larger Chinantec language group, which combines several closely related languages into a cluster that collectively counts 140,000 native speakers. Despite being the biggest member of the group, Ojitlán Chinantec faces endangerment due to the prestige and pressure of Spanish, which can make it challenging to find dedicated and reliable Ojitlán Chinantec translation services. That’s where we at come in: we’re pleased to present our new Ojitlán Chinantec translation services!

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Diving into the background of Ojitlán Chinantec

Like the majority of indigenous languages spoken today in Mexico, Ojitlán Chinantec is found in the southern regions of the country, specifically in the communities of San Lucas Ojitlán in Oaxaca and Minatitlán and Hidalgotitlán in Veracruz. Multiple orthographies exist for the language, which can complicate translation efforts (but we can accommodate whichever spelling system you prefer). Ojitlán Chinantec belongs to the Oto–Manguean family, to which many indigenous languages in southern Mexico trace their lineage back.

Ojitlán Chinantec features the typical word order of an Oto–Manguean language: verb-subject-object. Though nearly all members of the Oto–Manguean family show this default word order, it’s used by only around 3% of world languages. In Ojitlán Chinantec, the noun also precedes most modifiers, including adjectives, demonstratives, and relative clauses, but numerals and prepositions come before the noun. Nouns are not inflected to show plural, but they do feature prepositions to indicate the case, or the role the noun plays in the sentence. Verbs exhibit more inflection, with various tenses, including multiple levels of past tense, and subject markers that render independent subject pronouns unnecessary. Ojitlán Chinantec also features noun classifiers, divided by semantic category—and while some languages with noun classifiers only use them when counting, Ojitlán Chinantec uses them even outside of counting. The idiosyncrasies of the language can pose challenges to translators, but native speakers like our Ojitlán Chinantec translators know how to navigate them.

Providing Ojitlán Chinantec translation services anyone can rely on

No matter what kind of project you want to have translated, quality matters. To ensure that we can provide the highest level of quality to our clients, we’ve carefully selected the best Ojitlán Chinantec translators we could find from across Oaxaca and Veracruz, resulting in a well-rounded team filled with translators passionate about their native language. Simply let us know whether you’d like translation to Ojitlán Chinantec or from the language, as well as the dialect and orthography you’d like to work with.

Anyone looking for specific types of Ojitlán Chinantec translation services can find them here with us, since we look for translators who have experience with different types of translation. We’re here for researchers looking to connect with Ojitlán Chinantec speakers for interviews, business owners seeking Ojitlán Chinantec translation services to better engage with the local community, and creatives on both sides of the language barrier looking for new audiences for their works. And we’re also here for anyone with technical language in their texts—if you need a subject-matter expert in a given field, just ask!

Our team is eager to deliver quality Ojitlán Chinantec translation services—see what we can do by placing an order!

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