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We’re Proud to Now Offer Translation Services for Ladin

Everyone’s heard of Latin—one of the historically most important languages in Europe, Latin is the common ancestor of all Romance languages today, including French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian. But did you know that these five languages only scratch the surface of the expansive Romance language family? All throughout Italy, France, Spain, and other European countries, you can find minority Romance languages still spoken today, though most are endangered due to the influence of the larger languages in their respective countries. That’s what brings us to Ladin—no, not Latin, Ladin.

Ladin is a minority Romance language native to Italy, where it’s the native language of more than 40,000 people. It’s not to be confused with Latin, which today has no native speakers but is understood by around 1.75 million people as a second language, nor Ladino, a fellow minority Romance language spoken by Sephardic Jews in southern Europe and around the world. Ladin is recognized as a minority language in parts of Italy and is used in schools and public offices, giving it a much stronger footing than most minority Romance languages—but nonetheless, Ladin translation services are rare.

That’s where we at come in, as we’re proud to introduce our new Ladin translation team. Contact us today if you’d like to see a quote for our Ladin translation services free of charge!

Discovering the identity of Ladin

Ladin speakers live in the aptly named region of Ladinia, found in northern Italy at the intersection of South Tyrol, Trentino, and the Province of Belluno. South Tyrol, where the language has status as a minority language, accounts for the largest proportion of Ladin speakers. Linguists disagree on exactly what counts as Ladin, with dialects on the outskirts of the Sprachraum included or excluded depending on the definition, but either way, Ladin is closely related to nearby Romance languages Friulian and Romansh.

Having evolved from Latin, just like most minority languages in Italy, Ladin is similar to the smattering of other Romance languages across the southern European nation. It’s important to recognize that it’s a sister language, not a daughter language, of Italian, but still, the two languages exhibit most of the same grammatical features, including grammatical gender, complex verbal inflection replete with person markers, and minimal inflection on nouns, relying instead on particles and word order. However, vocabulary can differ between Standard Italian and Ladin, which can result in difficulties for speakers of the two languages to understand each other.

We’re here to help you translate to and from Ladin.

Ladin is a proud minority language distinct from Italian, and it’s important that Ladin speakers have access to dedicated translation services for their language. That’s what motivated us to put together our Ladin translation team, composed of talented translation experts from South Tyrol, Trentino, and the Province of Belluno. This diversity ensures that we can handle different dialects of Ladin, and that’s how we’re able to cater to the varying needs of our multifaceted clientele.

Since Ladin doesn’t have a lot of speakers, it’s not always easy to cater to the particular translation requests of clients, but we nonetheless have Ladin translators specializing in different areas of translation, which stretches our Ladin translation offering as far as possible. Some of our translators are well acquainted with the business world and can seamlessly translate materials you might need in the corporate or marketing world. Others specialize in official or administrative translation, meticulously converting official documents to and from Ladin and English. And then there are our literary translators and localization experts, who are experts at translating the tricky language that comprises creative works while maintaining all the nuance and style of the original. So, whatever you need translated to or from Ladin, our translators are happy to serve you.

Looking for the best Ladin translation services on the web? You’ve found them—send us a message to start the ball rolling!

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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