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We’re Proud of Our Avar Translation Services Team

Many people may not be aware, but the Caucasus region is among the most linguistically diverse in the world. Despite being relatively small in terms of area, the Caucasus are home to three different language families: Kartvelian, Northwest Caucasian, and Northeast Caucasian. The Avar language is part of the Northeast Caucasian language family and is spoken by roughly 750,000 people primarily in the Russian republic of Dagestan. Despite Avar’s rich literary history and its status as an interethnic lingua franca in Dagestan, it’s classified by UNESCO as vulnerable to extinction.

Providing high-quality Avar translation services is what we pride ourselves on. That’s because we value the Avar language and its historical and cultural significance. We know it’s an important cultural asset to the Avar people, and we believe that Avars should have access to great translation services, just like any other people group. We set ourselves apart from other translation companies by catering to all languages, even endangered but important languages like Avar.

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Approaching the grammatical labyrinth of Avar

Caucasian languages aren’t known for their simplicity. On the contrary, they tend to be considerably grammatically complex. Nonetheless, around 750,000 people mostly in Dagestan and the Azerbaijani districts of Balaken and Zaqatala have mastered Avar as a native language. Speakers can also be found in nearby Russian republics Chechnya and Kalmykia as well as Georgia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Jordan, and the Marmara Sea region of Turkey. Avar was originally written in the Georgian alphabet in the 14th century, switching to the Arabic script in the 15th century, the Latin alphabet in 1928, and finally the Cyrillic alphabet in 1938.

Avar features three genders—human male, human female, and neuter for everything else—and gender is marked on verbs, adjectives, and some pronouns. The language’s complicated nominal inflection is spread across four core cases and 20 spatial cases, including the absolutive and ergative cases. This means the subject of an intransitive sentence and the object of a transitive sentence take the same case. Regarding verbs, Avar has three tenses and six aspects, as well as an imperative form, a prohibitive form, three different optative forms, and a hortative form. Relative clauses come before the noun they modify as if they were adjectives, which is relatively common for verb-final languages like Avar.

Avar’s complex grammar complicates the translation process, but our Avar translation professionals are happy to take on the challenge.

The many reasons to purchase Avar translation services

Why might you need Avar translation services? Perhaps you’re a historian who wants to translate historical documents or literature in Avar—regardless of the script, or maybe you’re an academic with insights written in Avar that you’d like to share with the wider world. On the flip side, you could be a local Dagestani business that wants to better engage with Avar-speaking customers, a researcher who wants to survey Avars in their native language, or a content creator interested in making your books, websites, apps, games, or other content available in Avar. No matter your needs, our Avar translators are eager to help.

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Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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