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We’re Now Offering Rusyn Translation Services is one of the few translation agencies that offer Rusyn language services. With our resources and experience, we can make any communication in Rusyn easy and seamless.

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What Is the Rusyn Language?

Not to be confused with Russian or Ruthenian, the Rusyn language is something quite separate. Rusyn is an East Slavic language that is most closely related to Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian and more distantly to other Slavic languages such as Polish, Serbian, Croatian, and Bulgarian.

Historically, Rusyn has been spoken in the Transcarpathian region of western Ukraine and the far eastern parts of Slovakia and Hungary. Serbia and Croatia also has a large Rusyn-speaking population. Rusyn also has a history in North America with Rusyn-speaking immigrants moving to New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and parts of Canada.

Rusyn has a wellspring of writing going back decades in the Transcarpathian region. Today, the language has about 600,000 speakers, with the majority living in Slovakia and Serbia. There are three major varieties—Presov, Lemko, and Pannonian—each written in their own modified version of the Cyrillic alphabet. Considering all these, a large corpus of Rusyn documentation remains untranslated into English.

Rusyn Translations

That’s where comes in. Our professional translation services can provide assistance to accurately and most effectively communicate with all Rusyn speakers and translate Rusyn-language content.

Although the use of Rusyn has been on the decline over the years, there has been a renewed interest in the language, especially in the Transcarpathian region. Likewise, Rusyn has been listed as a protected language in Croatia, Romania, Serbia, and Slovakia. As it remains important for tens of thousands of speakers, you can use and communicate in Rusyn more easily than ever with, where you can expect accurate and precise translation services.

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Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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