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We Now Provide Terik Translation Services

When you have a country as multilingual as Kenya, with more than 65 languages spoken across the expansive territory, it can be difficult to grasp a full picture of the linguistic landscape. Most Kenyans learn English or Swahili as national-level lingua francas to communicate with compatriots from other regions, but for most people in the East African nation, these aren’t their native languages. Rather, all across Kenya, minority languages spoken vigorously by sizable communities represent the bulk of the population. One such example is Terik.

An estimated 300,000 people speak Terik as their first language, making for a relatively large speaker community—but Terik is threatened not only by lingua francas English and Swahili but also by neighboring Nandi, a closely related language that many Terik speakers have adopted. Assimilation into Nandi culture, including linguistically, renders Terik an endangered language, although migration into Nandiland has slowed in recent years, strengthening the outlook for Terik. Nonetheless, translation services for Terik remain rare, which is why we at are elated to present our dedicated Terik translation services.

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Diving into the unique characteristics of the Terik language

Terik speakers hail from western Kenya, primarily the Kakamega and Nandi districts in the region of Kenya’s former Rift Valley Province. The Terik people reside around Mount Elgon, and their oral history confirms a strong identity with the Mount Elgon region. Terik, a language of the Nilo–Saharan family, is part of the Kalenjin cluster of languages, closely related to Pok and Bong’om, both dialects of the Sabaot language. Terik is also closely related to Nandi, which has eased Nandi acquisition for many Terik speakers.

As is common among Nilotic languages, Terik demonstrates a verb-subject-object word order, placing the verb first in a sentence. Terik and its Kalenjin cousins are linguistically unique in numerous ways, such as in their marking of the nominative case but not the others. In most languages with cases, the nominative case is unmarked, while other cases are marked. Another unique feature of Terik is its use of a verb like “have” for possession—this is rare in verb-initial languages, which usually opt to say that something is “on” or “at” the possessor. But these idiosyncrasies of Terik need not worry you—our translators are native speakers who inherently understand the ins and outs of Terik nuances.

Terik translation services to accommodate any needs

We’re dedicated to bringing you the best Terik translation services we can, with our passionate and diverse team of translators specialized in various domains. We’ve hired Terik translators from across western Kenya to ensure we cover as many varieties of the language as possible, and we’ve taken care to hire those specialized in translation into Terik as well as translation from Terik. Our translators draw on their long-term experience working with Terik to bring you reliable and professional translations every time.

We also make sure to hire translators who represent a diverse range of translation specialties, which allows our multifaceted clientele to access the precise translation services they need. Our team includes Terik translators specialized in academic translation, working with researchers and scholars to spread their knowledge worldwide. We also have a number of business translation experts ready to help business owners both inside and outside of Kenya expand their operations to new territories with Terik translation services. And then there are our literary translators, who help creative content producers on either side of the border share their stories with new audiences. Whatever your Terik translation project, we’re eager to help!

If you’d like to get started with Terik translation services, simply send us a message with your files today!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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