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We're Ready to Offer Judeo-Moroccan Arabic Translation Services

We Are Now Ready for Judeo-Moroccan Arabic

For centuries, Arabic has served as the main language of the Middle East. Of course, with more than four hundred million speakers, there have always been several variations according to region and speaker. Among these is Judeo-Moroccan Arabic, the traditional language of the Jewish people of Morocco and Algeria.

Now we at can proudly say that we’re ready to work on any Judeo-Moroccan Arabic translations you might need. If you require any kind of Judeo-Moroccan Arabic translation services, you should contact us to get your quote or simply to find out more.

A Story of Migration and Change

Judeo-Moroccan Arabic is a variety of Arabic spoken by the Jewish people who came to North Africa from the Iberian Peninsula in the 1400s. It shares a high degree of mutual intelligibility with Judeo-Tunisian Arabic and a lesser degree with Judeo-Tripolitanian Arabic. Aside from its Arabic roots, the language has numerous influences from Spanish, French, Haketia, and, of course, Hebrew.

Although Jewish people have a long-standing history in Morocco and have widely used Judeo-Moroccan Arabic there, the vast majority of Moroccan Jews left in the 1940s. Many emigrated to France or Israel. As such, there are many more speakers of Judeo-Moroccan Arabic currently living in Israel than in Morocco itself.

The Highest Caliber of Judeo-Moroccan Arabic Translations

Compared to other languages in the region, Judeo-Moroccan Arabic is relatively understudied and has a wealth of still-untranslated documents. That’s where comes into play. Our professional translators are ready and able to provide you with the best help available for Judeo-Moroccan Arabic works. Don’t hesitate to get a quote from us or ask us any questions related to your specific needs.


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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