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Tecóatl Mazatec: Our Newest Translation Services Team

It’s no secret that Spanish is the dominant language in Mexico, with the vast majority of people in the Central American country speaking it as their first language. Going further, more than 90% of Mexicans speak Spanish as their only language, making Mexico rather linguistically homogeneous—at least on the surface. If you dive deeper, you’ll find hundreds of indigenous languages still proudly spoken all over the country, with some indigenous language speakers even being monolingual. One of Mexico’s many indigenous languages still alive and well today is Tecóatl Mazatec.

Tecóatl Mazatec has around 53,000 native speakers, which may not sound like a lot compared to the 100+ million native Spanish speakers in the country, but for an indigenous language of the Americas, this represents a fairly large community. Tecóatl Mazatec is a language belonging to the Mazatecan cluster, a group of nine related languages spoken in roughly the same area. However, like most indigenous languages in Mexico, they’re endangered. Unlike most other translation agencies, we at are thrilled to present our Tecóatl Mazatec translation services.

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Our exploration of Tecóatl Mazatec

Tecóatl Mazatec, which is also known under the alternative names of Eloxochitlán Mazatec and Northern Highland Mazatec, has communities of speakers in the southern Mexican states of Oaxaca and Puebla. In particular, the language has a strong presence in the towns of San Jerónimo Tecóatl, Eloxochitlán de Flores Magón, San Lucas Zoquiapam, Santa Cruz Acatepec, San Pedro Ocopetatillo, San Lorenzo Cuaunecuiltitla, Santa Ana Ateixtlahuaca, and San Francisco Huehuetlán. The language boasts around 75% similarity to Huautla, the prestige variant of Mazatec, which ultimately trace their lineage back to the Oto–Manguean family.

Tecóatl Mazatec, and other Mazatecan languages, are grammatically complex yet flexible, with sentences able to be constructed in virtually any word order to create different nuances. The language features a great degree of inflection, including possessive suffixes on nouns to indicate possession and tense-aspect prefixes on verbs to denote the tense and aspect of an action. Verbs are also marked to indicate the subject, or the actor performing the action. Like many other Oto–Manguean languages, Tecóatl Mazatec is a tonal language, incorporating a large number of different types of tones. Mazatec languages are also transmittable through whistling, with conversations conducted entirely through whistling possible. Tecóatl Mazatec is clearly a unique and complex language that presents translation challenges, but don’t worry—our translators are native speakers and can handle any challenges with ease.

Let us accommodate your Tecóatl Mazatec translation needs.

If you’re looking for a skilled native speaker of Tecóatl Mazatec to translate to or from your text, look no further. We’ve built up a team of the best translators from the Tecóatl Mazatec-speaking areas of Puebla and Oaxaca, and we’re looking forward to helping clients from all over Mexico and beyond translate their works. Our team can handle documents both to and from Tecóatl Mazatec, sculpting each translation with passion and care.

We’ve done our best to populate our Tecóatl Mazatec translation team with experts in different types of translation, catering to the varied needs of our clients from the worlds of academia, business, literature, and beyond. Whether you’re looking for translation to or from Tecóatl Mazatec for research papers, academic surveys, business reports, advertisement copy, personal blog posts, literary works, digital content, or something else, you can count on our specialists in different areas to zoom in on exactly what you need. We cover a wide range of disciplines, industries, genres, and subject matters, so if you have any special requests, simply let us know.

Together, we can make your Tecóatl Mazatec translation project a reality. Why not reach out now to make your first order?

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