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Take Advantage of Our Kurux Translation Services

With a population of more than a billion, India is one of the most populous countries in the world. But India certainly isn’t comprised of a single ethnic group, culture, or language—on the contrary, it’s one of the most linguistically diverse countries in the world. The biggest language in India is Hindi, but only around 57% of Indians speak it at all. The rest of the population speaks a wide range of other native languages, and one of them is Kurux.

While Kurux has more than two million speakers, finding a professional translation service for this Indian language is difficult. That’s because it’s technically classified as an endangered language by UNESCO, and most translation companies don’t see the value of endangered and minority languages. That’s where is different. Kurux is an important cultural relic of the Kurukh and Kisan peoples, and we’re dedicated to providing high-quality translation services for this unique Indian language, which even has its own script.

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Dive into the Kurux language

Kurux is a Dravidian language spoken by Kurukh (or Oraon) and Kisan tribal peoples in northeastern India, specifically in the states of Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, West Bengal, Assam, Bihar, and Tripura, as well as smaller populations in northern Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan. Jharkhand and West Bengal list Kurux as an official language, while the Kurux language is taught in some schools in Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, West Bengal, Assam, and Madhya Pradesh.

The language is fairly complex, although grammatical gender only applies to rational beings, with inanimate nouns and animals all taking the neuter gender. Only the masculine gender has an explicit definite form—feminine and neuter nouns fail to make this distinction. Grammatical relationships are expressed through eight cases, including the vocative, used to address someone. Kurux has been traditionally written in the Devanagari script, which is also used for Hindi and scores of other languages in India, but in 1999, a script called Tolong Siki was developed specifically for Kurux. Various books and publications have been released in Tolong Siki, and it has gained official recognition in Jharkhand.

The Kurukh and Kisan people deserve high-quality translation services of their language. That’s why we’re so proud to offer Kurux translation services, when most translation agencies overlook this Dravidian language.

To or from Kurux? We offer both directions.

Our Kurux translators care about the vitality of their native language, which shows in their passion for translating texts to and from Kurux. Our translators can help you spread traditional stories, literature, and knowledge to elsewhere in India and the rest of the world by translating them from Kurux, promoting Kurukh and Kisan culture. We can also help you cater to a Kurux-speaking audience by translating promotional business materials, questionnaires, literature, apps, and more into Kurux, whether you prefer the Devanagari script or the blossoming Tolong Siki script. This way, we can help preserve the vitality of Kurux.

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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