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Professional Translation Services for Lombard Available Here

It’s not easy to find professional translation services for languages like Lombard. After all, Italian is widely spoken in Lombardy and other regions where Lombard is used, and most Lombard speakers are also proficient in Italian. But that doesn’t mean Lombard speakers shouldn’t have access to reliable translation services. This minority language of northern Italy may have many similarities to Standard Italian, but Italian translators are ill-equipped to provide high-quality translation services for the language.

That’s where comes in. As proponents of minority and endangered languages, we want the Lombard language to thrive. To this end, we’ve searched far and wide for the best in Lombard translation talent, recruiting translators from all across northern Italy. So, if you’re looking for Lombard translation services you can trust, just turn to us.

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Lombard: an important historical and cultural language in northern Italy

So, what exactly is Lombard? While it may look and sound like Italian to an outsider, it’s not. Lombard, divided into the Western Lombard and Eastern Lombard dialects, developed independently from Italian, both shaped by the historical dominance of Latin. However, Lombard also retains influences from several ancient languages, including the Ligure language, the Germanic Lombardic language, and a Celtic language. This makes it different from Italian in various ways, including in pronunciation, the usage of pronouns, and negation, resulting in difficulties for Italian speakers in understanding Lombard.

Lombard’s two key dialectical groups are spread across northern Italy and parts of Switzerland. Specifically, Western Lombard is spoken in the Italian regions of Lombardy and Piedmont as well as the Swiss cantons of Ticino and Grisons. Eastern Lombard, conversely, is used in other parts of Lombardy, plus Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol (an autonomous region of Italy) and even Santa Catarina in southern Brazil. Altogether, the language boasts around 3.5 million speakers. Lombard is an important part of the cultural identity of Lombardy and other northern Italian regions, making its preservation important to speakers.

At, we’re participating in the preservation of Lombard by offering professional translation services between Lombard and English. Contact us today to learn more about our offering.

Here for all your Lombard translation needs

We’ve endeavored to create a reliable, professional, experienced Lombard translation team ready to accommodate the diverse translation needs of clients. We cover both Western Lombard and Eastern Lombard dialects and translate both to and from the Gallo–Italic language. So, if you want to translate historical Lombard documents or stories, we’ll help you spread this cultural information globally. If you want to take English-language materials—whether literature, websites, questionnaires, or anything else—and translate them into Lombard, we’ll help you connect with the locals of northern Italy.

We value the preservation of endangered languages like Lombard, and we value high quality and accuracy in translation services. Send us a message to discuss your Lombard translation needs today.


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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