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Our Team Is Thrilled to Introduce Translation Services for Copala Triqui

Most countries all across the Americas use a European language as their dominant language—usually English, Spanish, Portuguese, or French. But these imported languages mask the true linguistic identity of the Americas. The continents are dotted with hundreds upon hundreds of proud indigenous languages that bear no relations to the colonial languages that dominate today, and some of these minority languages still boast healthy, vigorous speaker communities. One such language is Copala Triqui.

With a speaker base estimated at 25,000 to 30,000, Copala Triqui is a relatively large indigenous language native to southern Mexico. However, you’ll also find a number of Copala Triqui speakers in Greenfield, California, where immigrants have formed such a large community that the Greenfield Public Library even piloted a bi-monthly Triqui language class in 2010. Copala Triqui is by far the largest variety of the Trique language group, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to find translation services for the language. We at are here to address this issue with our new Copala Triqui translation services.

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Identifying the details of Copala Triqui

The southern Mexican state of Oaxaca is home to more than 53% of the country’s total indigenous language speakers, and indeed, it’s in Oaxaca that we find the majority of Copala Triqui’s native speakers. Specifically, Copala Trique speakers live in the westernmost regions of the state, bordering the neighboring state of Guerrero. Most Copala Triqui speakers live in San Juan Copala (hence the language’s name), although migration has seen the emergence of communities in San Quintín Valley, Baja California, and Greenfield, California.

Grammatically, Copala Triqui and the other Trique languages belong to the Oto–Manguean language family, and they share many traits with the other languages in the family, including a basic word order of verb-subject-object. Like in Spanish, adjectives in Copala Triqui are placed after the noun, but unlike Spanish, demonstratives (words like “this” or “that”) also come after the noun. Numerals, however, come before. Copala Triqui nouns have no plural form, and pronouns do not have gender distinctions, as in English and Spanish. While inflection on nouns is limited, prepositions in the language receive inflection for person—in order words, the English phrase “for me” would be expressed as a single word in Copala Triqui: the word for “for” inflected with a marker indicating the first-person singular. Features like this can make Copala Triqui difficult to translate, but don’t worry—it won’t trip up our native-speaking translators.

Well-rounded and robust Copala Triqui translation services to accommodate your needs

At, we value quality and flexibility. That’s why we’ve searched far and wide across Oaxaca—as well as the Copala Triqui-speaking communities in California and Baja California—to find the best translators for the language that we can. We only hire native speakers who are passionate about helping clients from across Mexico, the US, and beyond by translating their documents to or from Copala Triqui, adapting to their specific needs and requests.

Sometimes, our clients need specialty translation services to ensure the highest level of quality. For example, academic clients may need a translator familiar with the terminology in their field and the conventions of academic writing, while business clients may look for a translator who understands their field and knows how to write engaging copy to capture new customers. Literary clients want to make sure their translator can emulate their unique voice and style in the translated text, telling their stories just as eloquently as in the original manuscript. Our Copala Triqui translation team can accommodate all these needs and more—if you have any special requests, all you need to do is ask!

Come to us for the best Copala Triqui translation services in the industry—why not place your first order today?


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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