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Our Team Is Ready to Offer Extreme Southern Italian Translation Services

It’s an oversimplification to say that Italy speaks Italian. Yes, Italian is the official language of the southern European country, and it’s used in most facets of public life, including education, media, and administration. But Standard Italian isn’t necessarily what people speak in their day-to-day lives. All across Italy, you’ll find regional languages, often incorrectly called dialects, that are similar to but distinct from Standard Italian. One of these languages is Extreme Southern Italian.

Extreme Southern Italian boasts an estimated 4.7 million native speakers, clustered, unsurprisingly, in the extreme south of the Italian peninsula. Despite the name, Extreme Southern Italian is not a dialect of Italian—it developed concurrently alongside Standard Italian from the Vulgar Latin spoken in the region, thus making it a sister language, not a daughter language, of Italian. As Standard Italian increasingly takes over, Extreme Southern Italian is mostly relegated to informal oral communication, and translation services for the language are rare. We at are here to challenge the status quo with our new Extreme Southern Italian translation services.

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An exploration into the Extreme Southern Italian language

Extreme Southern Italian comprises a number of Italic languages spoken in the south of Italy—namely, Sicilian, Pantesco, Calabro, Salentino, and Southern Cilentan. Extreme Southern Italian dialects are spoken all over the island of Sicily, as well as in most of Calabria, the southern tip of Apulia, and a small region in the far south of Campania. Historically, these regions were heavily populated by Greek speakers, which has influenced the development of Extreme Southern Italian dialects (and Greek still lives on in modern-day southern Italy as the endangered minority language Griko!).

Naturally, Extreme Southern Italian is extremely close to Standard Italian, but important distinctions exist not only in pronunciation but also in grammar and vocabulary. For example, infinitive verbs in Extreme Southern Italian dialects tend to differ in form from those of their more northern counterparts. Extreme Southern Italian is also distinguished by its use of the past tense—most dialects draw no distinction between the near past and the remote past. Features can differ somewhat from dialect to dialect, but they’re similar enough that they can be mutually understood, which is why they’re classified as a single language. But they’re certainly separate from Standard Italian—which is why you need a native-speaking Extreme Southern Italian translator if you’re looking for quality.

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Providing high-quality translation services is our passion. No matter what dialect of Extreme Southern Italian you’re looking for, our team is here to help: for Sicilian, Calabro, Salentino, Southern Cilentan, and beyond! Our translators are native speakers, having grown up in Sicily, Calabria, Apulia, and Campania, and they’re eager to help clients from around Italy and the world, whether they’re looking for translation services to or from Extreme Southern Italian.

For some clients, general translation services aren’t enough—they’re looking for more niche services, such as academic translation, business translation, literary translation, localization services, or something else. Extreme Southern Italian translation clients with us don’t have to worry, because our diverse and robust team features translators skilled in a wide range of domains. Whether you want to disseminate a research survey in a local language, translate educational materials for children who speak Extreme Southern Italian, tailor your company’s marketing collateral to the local populace, spread your Extreme Southern Italian literature around the world, or localize your media production for the people of southern Italy, you can trust our passionate translation team.

We’re here for your Extreme Southern Italian translation needs—no matter what they are. Let us help you—just place an order today!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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