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Our Moroccan Arabic Translation Services Are All Ready

There are approximately 380 million native speakers of Arabic—but that doesn’t mean they can all understand each other. In fact, many of the dozens of regional Arabic varieties are mutually unintelligible, which means speakers on both sides can’t understand the other. Modern Standard Arabic, an artificial standard used in writing, formal situations, and some media, blurs the lines between different Arabic varieties, as it’s designed to be understandable to all speakers of Arabic. That’s certainly not the case for Moroccan Arabic.

Moroccan Arabic is the native language of around 29 million people, with an additional nearly 10 million people speaking it as a second language—thus, the total number of global Moroccan Arabic speakers is roughly 39 million. Although Modern Standard Arabic is used in more formal situations, Moroccan Arabic maintains a strong presence in Morocco’s entertainment industry, including in TV shows, cinema, and commercial advertising. However, translation services that cater specifically to Moroccan Arabic are rare. That’s where we at come in: we’re happy to introduce our new Moroccan Arabic translation services.

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Moroccan Arabic: a truly unique form of Arabic

Moroccan Arabic is, of course, the primary language in Morocco, spoken by 90% of the North African country’s population. It’s somewhat mutually intelligible with neighboring Algerian Arabic and less so with Tunisian Arabic, but Moroccan Arabic is notoriously difficult for speakers of other varieties of Arabic to understand. It’s one of the least conservative dialects of the language, quick to adopt loanwords from languages like French, English, and Spanish, although the revival of a pan-Arabic identity has led to a resurgence of Arabic vocabulary in recent years. Moroccan Arabic is usually not written, with most publications instead appearing in Modern Standard Arabic, but it’s the preferred language for online chats and text messages, written in the Latin alphabet.

For the most part, Moroccan Arabic exhibits similar grammar to any other type of Arabic. The language is highly inflected, with verbs marked not only for tense and aspect but also for the person, making independent pronouns superfluous. Like other Arabic varieties, Moroccan Arabic distinguishes gender in the second person—in other words, there’s a separate pronoun and verbal inflection for “you” depending on whether the listener is a man or a woman. Although seemingly simple, such features can render translation difficult because the same distinction isn’t made in English—but if you work with experienced, native-speaking translators like ours, you won’t have a problem.

Our team is here to help you with Moroccan Arabic translation—no matter your project.

We’ve designed our Moroccan Arabic translation team to seamlessly address the needs of our clients who need translation services specifically tailored to this variety of Arabic. We’ve hired translators from all across Morocco—Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakesh, Fez, and beyond—to ensure that we cover the various subdialects of Moroccan Arabic that abound across the country. Our translators are passionate, and as native speakers, they intuitively understand all the differences between Moroccan Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic. Whether you’re looking for translation to or from Moroccan Arabic, our team is ready to help you.

From academic translation and business translation to literary translation and localization services, our team covers a wide range of Moroccan Arabic translation services. We cater to professors, students, researchers, entrepreneurs, business owners, marketers, novelists, poets, bloggers, software developers, journalists, and all sorts of other people who may require specialized Moroccan Arabic translation services. If your text deals with esoteric subjects, just tell us—we’ll try to pair you with the most suitable Moroccan Arabic translator on our team.

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Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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