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New Kamwe Translation Services: Available to Anyone Who Needs Them

Nigeria isn’t just the most populous country in Africa—it’s also the continent’s most linguistically diverse nation. In fact, with more than 520 languages indigenous to its West African borders, Nigeria ranks as the third-most linguistically diverse country in the entire world. To communicate with other ethnic groups in the country, most Nigerians learn national or regional lingua francas, such as English, Hausa, or Fula, but at home, they tend to speak their native languages—languages like Kamwe.

Kamwe has around 660,000 native speakers, so while it’s certainly not the biggest native language in Nigeria (that would be Hausa, followed closely by Yoruba), it’s certainly not the smallest, either. Historically, the language was called Higi or Higgi, but this is a derogatory term derived from a neighboring ethnic group—the name Kamwe, conversely, comes from the Kamwe language itself and literally translates to “people of.” It’s hard to find translation services for Kamwe, but we at specialize in underserved minority languages, so we’re proud to introduce our new Kamwe translation team.

It's easy to see a free quote for our Kamwe translation services—all you have to do is message us and ask!

Let’s take a closer look at the Kamwe language.

Kamwe is spoken in both Nigeria and neighboring Cameroon, with speakers of the language primarily living in the states of Adamawa and Borno in Nigeria and the Northwest region of Cameroon. Around 80% of Kamwe people live in the Michika Local Government Area of Adamawa, although other locales with a lot of Kamwe speakers include Mubi North, Hong, Gombi, Song, and Madagali in Adamawa and Askira/Uba and Gwoza in Borno. Kamwe features numerous dialects, among which are Nkafa, Dakwa, Krghea, Fwea, Humsi, Modi, Sina, and Tilyi. Nkafa is the prestige dialect, with most governance, business, and literature carried out in this dialect.

Though not spoken in Chad, Kamwe is classified as a Chadic language of the Afroasiatic family. This means that it’s related to Semitic languages like Arabic or Hebrew, but it’s much more closely related to other, closer languages, such as Hausa. Kamwe’s closest relatives are Bura and Bata, also spoken by large numbers of people in Nigeria and Cameroon. Like other Chadic languages, Kamwe has been influenced by the Nilo–Saharan languages also spoken in the area—but one language it’s not similar to at all is English. This makes translation between Kamwe and English quite a challenge, but luckily, our Kamwe translation team consists of skilled native speakers.

Our team is here for anyone who needs Kamwe translation services.

Our Kamwe translation team is large, passionate, and flexible. We’ve recruited our team members from all over Adamawa and Borno, as well as northwestern Cameroon, and we can offer pinpoint translation services not only in the Nkafa dialect but also any number of other dialects—you can simply request your preference. We translate both from English to Kamwe and from Kamwe to English, allowing us to cater to the needs of varied clients.

In our unending quest to provide the best Kamwe translation services we can, we’ve also hired translator with experience in different areas of translation—everything from academic and business translation to literary translation and localization. If you’re a researcher or professor, we can translate your academic documents—regardless of discipline—and if you’re a business owner, we can translate your corporate documents or marketing collateral—for any industry. If you’re a creative writer, whether you’re writing in English or Kamwe, we can translate your works into the respective other language, always respecting your unique tone and style. Whatever kind of Kamwe translation services you need, we’d love to help.

We’re here for your Kamwe translation needs—whatever they are. Why not reach out and place an order for Kamwe translation now?


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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