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New From Our Team: Bamayo Translation Services

A whopping one-tenth of the world’s languages are native to Indonesia. Yes, of the 7000-odd languages spoken in the world, around 700 are indigenous to the Maritime Southeast Asian nation of Indonesia, where many are still thriving with relatively large communities of speakers. Most people in Indonesia learn Indonesian, which is used as a national lingua franca, but for the majority of Indonesians, it’s not their native language. Rather, they speak minority languages such as Bamayo at home.

It's difficult to ascertain the precise number of Bamayo native speakers, but estimates place it at around 520,000 people. With half a million speakers, it’s far smaller than the hundreds of millions who speak Indonesian, but Bamayo nonetheless stands as a major minority language in the country. Unfortunately, however, the pressures of Indonesian can be difficult to withstand, and that’s resulted in a dearth of translation services for Bamayo. That’s our cue to enter. At, we’re proud to introduce our brand-new Bamayo translation services.

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So, what is Bamayo, anyway?

While Indonesian speakers are spread out all across the large archipelagic nation, Bamayo speakers are concentrated in a particular locale of Borneo, a major island in the country’s center. Zooming in further, it’s spoken in the province of Central Kalimantan, more specifically the regencies of Kabupaten Sukamara, Lamandau, Kotawaringin Barat, and Kotawaringin Timur. Bamayo speakers are distinguished by several different dialects, which are distinct enough that Bamayo may be better classified as three separate languages: namely, Delang, Kayung, and Banana’. Numerous other dialects, including Tapitn, Mentebah-Suruk, Semitau, and Suhaid, also exist.

Most languages in Indonesia belong to the Austronesian family, and Bamayo is not one of the exceptions. It also falls within the Malayic branch of the family, strengthening its relations to Indonesian. But while Bamayo may share the same heritage as Indonesian, it’s a far cry from the national language of Indonesia, differing starkly in pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. The language can be tricky both to learn and to translate, especially given all the verbal inflection that can entirely change a word’s meaning. In fact, there are all sorts of areas where Bamayo can express nuance that English can’t—and that makes translation incredibly difficult for amateur translators. Luckily, our translators are experienced native speakers of Bamayo.

What kind of Bamayo translation project do you have for us?

With a team as diverse as ours, we’re determined to help anyone in the world who needs Bamayo translation services access them. We value quality, precision, and flexibility, and these principles have guided our recruitment process, wherein we’ve selected top Bamayo translators representing the various dialects spoken in different areas of Central Kalimantan. So, if you want translation services for Delang, Kayung, Banana’, or another Bamayo dialect, simply let us know. We translate both into Bamayo and from Bamayo, so we can handle just about any project.

Even if you’re working in a specialized area, such as academia, business, or literature, our proud and passionate Bamayo translators are eager to assist you. Their experience in different types of translation allow them to modify their offering to your exact needs, seamlessly incorporating any special requests you may have. We also work with texts from any industry, discipline, or genre, as we hire translators who are familiar with a wide range of subject matters. So, whether you’re a scholar conducting research in Central Kalimantan, an ambitious entrepreneur who wants to venture into the Bamayo-speaking market, a Bamayo storyteller with a passion for spreading local stories around the world, or a language activist eager to bring new content to the Bamayo language, our translators are always happy to support you.

You want great Bamayo translation services, and we want to help you. Submit an order for Bamayo translation services now!


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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