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Need Mundang Translation Services? Check Out Our New Team

Chad is a country of more than 120 languages. It’s true that the Chadian government only recognizes French and Arabic as the country’s official languages, but the land is teeming with indigenous languages—a situation that’s common all throughout Africa. Of course, it’s generally necessary for Chadians to learn a lingua franca so they can communicate with their compatriots from other regions—but their native language is usually a smaller indigenous language, such as Mundang.

Mundang clocks in at about 400,000 native speakers, which places it among the biggest indigenous languages in Chad. However, the country doesn’t recognize any languages other than French and Arabic, which can make it difficult for minority languages to thrive, especially as much of the population learns French, Arabic, or Chadian Arabic to ease communication with other people in the country. We at want to see Mundang flourish, so we’re proud to provide our own new Mundang translation services.

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A brief explanation of the Mundang language

Most speakers of the Mundang language live in Chad, with most residing in the region of Mayo-Kebbi Ouest. A minority of Mundang speakers also live in Cameroon, specifically in the communes of Mindif, Moulvouday, and Kaélé in the Far North Region. Three primary dialects, which differ in both pronunciation and vocabulary, characterize the language: Kaélé, Léré, and Torrock. Ultimately, Mundang is classified as a Niger–Congo language, occupying the Mbum branch of the family, which also contains Mbum proper, Tupuri, and Kare.

Mundang is better supported than many other indigenous languages of Chad because, despite the lack of government support, the people have created their own association to promote the language and produce Mundang-language publications. Grammatically, Mundang is poorly studied by linguists, but what’s clear is that the language is quite different from English, even in its pronouns. Mundang doesn’t distinguish gender in its third-person pronouns, using ko for both “he” and “she,” and it has multiple ways to say “we” depending on whether the speaker means “me and you (and maybe others)” or “me and others (but not you).” These differences can lead to complications in translation, which is why it’s vital to hire a native Mundang speaker if you value quality.

We’re the team for anyone who needs Mundang translation services.

The world of translation is broad, and we understand that our clients may have wildly different translation needs from one another. To cater to as many clients as possible, we’ve recruited our Mundang translators from all over Mayo-Kebbi Ouest in Chad and the Far North Region of Cameroon, covering the three dialects of Kaélé, Léré, and Torrock. Simply let us know whether you’re looking for translation from English to Mundang or from Mundang to English, since our team offers translation in both directions.

Not only are our Mundang translators passionate, but they’re also flexible, experienced in different areas of Mundang translation. We have an academic team that can work with researchers, professors, students, and educators to translate works in a wide range of academic disciplines, just as we have a robust business team eager to help CEOs and entrepreneurs translate their internal company documents and marketing collateral in a diverse array of industries. We also have a team of literary translators who work with novelists, poets, and writers of other kinds as they produce creative works in various genres, helping them expand their audience by translating their manuscripts to or from Mundang. Even if your text deals with esoteric language, don’t worry—our team also contains experts in various fields!

We’re here to provide Mundang translation services to anyone who needs them. If that’s you, don’t hesitate to reach out and place your first order today!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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