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Introducing Our New Team to Provide Northern Paiute Translation Services

The world is filled with so many more languages than you realize. Most people probably think there are only several dozen, or many a few hundred, languages in the world—but the true number is closer to 7,000. Unfortunately, many of these languages are spoken by only a handful of people and are likely to die out over the coming decades. Most of the languages native to the United States are classified as endangered, with most inhabitants of the country completely unaware. But these languages—like Northern Paiute—are important, and we at are proud to work with them.

Ethnologue recorded 700 native speakers of Northern Paiute in 2007, and while that’s not a lot, it’s nonetheless up from the 500 or so speakers estimated by linguist Marianne Mithun in 1994. While we can’t necessarily determine the precise number of Northern Paiute speakers today, what’s clear is that it’s only a fraction of the 6,000-odd recorded members of the Northern Paiute ethnic group. Active efforts to preserve and revitalize the language are helping ensure Northern Paiute’s future, and we at are supporting the language in our own way through our Northern Paiute translation services.

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Northern Paiute: the northernmost Ute–Aztecan language

Spoken across a large geographical area that spans parts of California, Nevada, Oregon, and Idaho, Northern Paiute is classified among the Numic languages of the Ute–Aztecan language family. It’s related to nearby indigenous languages like Shoshoni, Colorado River Numic, Mono, and Timbisha, which are the northernmost in the entire family. The best-known Uto–Aztecan language, conversely, is one of the southernmost members: Nahuatl, spoken in central Mexico.

The indigenous languages of the Americas are known for their complex grammar, and Northern Paiute is no exception. Northern Paiute constructs sentences in a default subject-object-verb word order and makes heavy use of suffixes to convey grammatical meaning, stringing several suffixes together on the same word. Plural forms are optional for inanimate nouns, with different strategies for forming plurals depending on the word, and Northern Paiute also marks indirect evidentiality—in other words, speakers can grammatically indicate that the information they’re expressing is simply their assumption or something they’ve heard from someone else. With so much nuance that differs from English, Northern Paiute can be difficult to translate—so it’s always best to rely on native speakers, like our translators.

Northern Paiute translation services for whatever you need

Northern Paiute translation services are hard to find not only because there are so few translators but also because there are hardly any translation companies willing to work with such minority languages. But we’re different. We’ve searched far and wide across California, Nevada, Oregon, and Idaho to find skilled and passionate Northern Paiute translators eager to help clients translate all sorts of projects to or from Northern Paiute (yes, both directions!).

If you’re wondering what sorts of things we can translate to or from Northern Paiute, it’s pretty much anything you send our way! Of course, since there are so few Northern Paiute speakers in the world, our pool of translators is also limited, but within the boundaries of what’s possible, we strive to provide pinpoint translations that adapt to your specific needs. Maybe you want to translate lesson materials to help Northern Paiute kids learn the language, or maybe you’re an organization that wants to connect more closely with Northern Paiute people. We’re also available to translate creative works, whether that’s traditional stories of the Northern Paiute people or contemporary literature and digital media that can expand the selection of works available in Northern Paiute.

Contact us today if you’d like to get started with Northern Paiute translation services!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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