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Here Are the Best Translation Services in California


We work hard to deliver quality translations to the people of California.

Welcome to the Golden State, the most populous state in the United States, home to world-famous Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and so much more. California is renowned the world over, beloved for its booming film industry, exquisite beaches, beautiful weather, and tech prowess. Blessed with breathtakingly stunning geography, California puts its natural beauty on display at Yosemite National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, Sequoia National Park, and more. Then there are the people—the scholars, business elites, authors, filmmakers, and others who make a name for themselves in California. At, we help them spread their name around the world with high-quality translation services.

If you can think of a language, we likely offer translation services for it. Spanish. French. German. Mandarin. Vietnamese. Arabic. Hindi. Russian. Armenian. Farsi. Swahili. We offer these languages and hundreds more. We even translate endangered languages, including ones found in and around California, such as Navajo, Western Apache, Yaqui, O’odham, and many more.

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California’s translation needs are diverse—but we can handle them.

Who are you in California? Are you forging ahead at one of the many esteemed universities in the Golden State? Are you leading international business at a Silicon Valley tech company? Are you blowing the world away with the cutting-edge storytelling and filmmaking techniques of the world’s biggest film industry? Our translators are here for all Californians. Are you coming to us from Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, Fresno, Sacramento, Long Beach, Oakland, Bakersfield, Anaheim, or another city? No matter—we serve all of California.

·        California boasts some of the top universities in the world, such as Stanford University, the University of California at Berkeley, and the University of California at Los Angeles. Here, scholars delve into the deepest mysteries of human knowledge and explore new frontiers of science and discovery. Our academic translators, who are trained in a wide variety of fields, are ready to help Californian academics translate their dissertations, journal articles, and other texts whenever necessary.

·        Whether you’re starting a new business in California, leading a successful company in the state, or looking to bring your foreign-based organization to California’s shores, there are lots of reasons you may need the services of a professional business translator. Our business translation team is here for professionals in California, no matter the industry or language, for corporate documents as well as marketing collateral.

·        California is renowned for its film industry, with creatives from all over the state producing incredible movies, TV shows, documentaries, and other visual stories. Simultaneously, the state is filled with talented authors writing novels, short stories, and poems. Whatever you’re working on, our literary translators can help you take your work global with tailored literary translation services.

·        From internal medicine to obstetrics and gynecology, there’s no subfield in the medical profession that doesn’t contain a slew of technical terms mostly incomprehensible to anyone outside the field. That’s why California’s healthcare professionals can find it so hard to locate great medical translation services. The medical translation company we’ve partnered with makes it easy. With experts who specialize in numerous niches, they provide confidential medical translation services customized for your particular field.

·        With a state as big and influential as California, it’s important to have top experts representing legal niches like corporate law, banking law, and immigration law. It’s also important to ensure legal translations in these areas are unwaveringly precise. But finding the right legal translators for the job can be tough. That’s why we recommend working with our partner legal translation firm. No matter your specialty within the law, they have the right legal translation expert for you.

·        California is a top immigration destination for people from all over the world, and it’s not hard to see why. If certified translation is a requirement for your immigration to California, lean on our team for certified translations of official documents like birth certificates, marriage licenses, professional certifications, and more.

·        Playing host to world-famous Silicon Valley, California is easily one of the tech capitals of the world. Apps, websites, programs, games, and more that are developed in California reach across the globe. Our localization team is eager to help California’s tech experts translate their digital products into any language they want.

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We bring the world’s top translators to the shores of California.

Given that California is the most populous state in the United States, many of our team members hail from the Golden State. But our quest for the best translation talent has taken us all over the world. For each of the hundreds of languages we serve, we’ve tracked down the top translators, passionate experts eager to help clients break down language barriers in all sorts of domains. Our translators also leverage their knowledge in supplementary fields to seamlessly translate technical content.

With around 39 million inhabitants, California is bigger than a lot of countries. Still, we don’t shy away from the challenge of supplying the state’s countless academic researchers, business executives, renowned filmmakers, and others with top-quality translation services. We have the team and the skills to do it, carefully customizing our offerings to fit your individual needs.

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Take our team for a little test drive.

There’s no reason to jump in blind when you can request a free translation sample. We are happy to provide first-time Californian clients with a free taste of our team’s expert translation skills, tailored to reflect specific project needs. The reins are always in your hands, so whether you want to continue with a full, paid order is entirely up to you.

Why not reach out and ask about a free translation sample today?

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