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Hiring Vietnamese Translation Services: The Top 3 Risks

You think everyone who knows more than one language can be a translator? Or you can just enter all your content into Google Translate, and you’ll have what you need—accurate content in your target language? The answer to these questions is a resounding no!

Translation is never just a word-by-word transfer, particularly for the English–Vietnamese language pair, which displays various differences in culture and in the languages themselves. Word-for-word translations are what automated translation software specializes in, so quickly running your text through a translation program won't get you the results you want. But machine translation works fine if paired with a skilled human translator who has access to the original text. Below are three potential risks you might face in achieving a quality translation.

1. Differences in grammar and phrase structures.

Besides using the Latin alphabet, English and Vietnamese have nothing in common, especially in their grammar and phrase structures. For example, English grammar distinguishes plural and single forms for nouns and their alignment with verbs. It also has various forms for verb tenses. Vietnamese doesn’t require changing the formats of nouns and verbs, but it uses more “meaningless” words to express them. Consequently, you have to use many more words to express the full meaning.

Also, both English and Vietnamese include many idioms and specialized terms. This requires translators to understand and find relevant idioms and terms to transfer the most faithful meaning and express it in a natural way.

2. Underlying cultural backgrounds.

The English and Vietnamese cultures are different, like any Western and Eastern countries. Language doesn’t contain only words, and cultural background is an essential part of using language to convey messages and communicate. Therefore, a Vietnamese translator must have a broad knowledge of English culture while also understanding Vietnamese culture thoroughly so that readers can fully understand the translated content.

3. Unreliable machine translation tools.

Our modern life has brought us more comfort utilities, including machine tools. However, a machine is always a machine, while the audience we’re targeting is human. Machines simply lack the intuition to produce reliable translations that meet humans' expectations, even if they can capture the base meaning relatively well. This technology is fascinating and certainly has its uses, yes, but as a standalone translation tool, it just isn't good enough.

Professional Vietnamese translation services

How can you get quality Vietnamese translation services? The answer is very simple: Hire professionals. Our experts are native Vietnamese speakers, qualified and experienced in English language and culture, and they’re excellent writers. We’re proud to offer their professional Vietnamese translation services for your next project.


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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