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Vietnamese to English Translation Services


Vietnam enjoys a fast-growing economy today thanks to globalization and international partnerships such as the UN and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). It is expected that Vietnam’s GDP will increase by 11%, which is equivalent to about $36 billion, thanks to the TPP.


These developments are changing the way Vietnamese people live, communicate, and do business. With more tourists and businesspeople coming to Vietnam, using English is a must. This is true not only for the majority of the 80 million Vietnamese speakers living in Vietnam but also for the 4 million Vietnamese living abroad.


If you or your business needs a professional agency to provide high-quality Vietnamese to English translations, contact us for a free quote.


Which documents need translation from Vietnamese to English?


  • Legal and travel documents. Visas, passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, driver’s licenses, and affidavits require English translations to be accepted and processed in English-speaking countries.


  • Academic documents. These include books, reports, and journals that Vietnamese researchers wish to publish and share with the larger academic community.


  • Business documents. If your company seeks to partner with foreign investors, you will need to translate reports, presentations, product manuals, operations manuals, financial reports, etc. into English.


  • Medical documents. Medical facilities that serve English-speaking patients may wish to translate brochures, treatment schedules, and other medical material to facilitate communication. We have partnered with a medical translation agency to meet this need.


  • IT and technical documents. If your business involves software, app development, or other technical services, then pertinent documents, software, and systems require English translations.


  • Sales materials. These include tourism brochures, press releases, and advertising documents that sell products, services, or entertainment to the market. We also translate websites and web content. has a team of fully bilingual translators who are expert English writers. Whatever type of translation you need, we have a professional translator whose skills and experience match your requirements. We have lawyers, doctors, IT experts, and others from a range of industries to support the needs of all our customers.


Whether you live in Hanoi or Da Nang or abroad in San Jose, Paris, Toronto, Melbourne, London, or Moscow, we can help you with your document translations. Our services are available at competitive rates, and we can meet tight deadlines.


If you need Vietnamese to English translation services from a trusted provider, contact us now for a free translation quote.

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