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Hiring Romanian Translation Services: The Top 4 Pitfalls

As any Romanian translation service will tell you, translating is not for everyone to do and simply knowing the language may not result in an accurate and coherent text. With the multitude of idioms and the complex vocabulary and grammar of Romance languages, your important documents might lose a lot of meaning if you use an online translation service.

1. The multitude of idioms.

Romanian people use so many idioms that sometimes they have trouble understanding each other. It’s their way of expressing feelings and emotions, not only through speech but also in writing. Sometimes when Romanians get too used to the existing idioms, they invent new ones or just borrow them from other languages.

Combine that with the heavy accent and a dialect or two and you might just not want to wrap your head around it anymore. As most teachers would say, a language is a living organism and will go through constant change.

2. The diacritics.

Latin alphabet, but diacritics — what? If you don’t use those little lines properly, you can change the whole meaning of the sentence. The difference between fete and fețe is that one means “girls” and the other means “faces.” It’s all in the details. To make matters even worse, in colloquial language, Romanians sometimes shorten words and use other little lines in between, such as in da-tu-mi-te-ai, meaning “You gave it to me yourself.” A bit too complicated for translation software, which has its place — but this isn't it.

3. The absence of an agent.

Romanian has a unique feature among European languages. It can form sentences without an agent (subject). From just one word, a native Romanian can form a fully comprehensible sentence, whereas a native English speaker would just look in awe and ask how that’s even possible. As a recurrent theme, you may notice Romanians don’t like to use many words.

4. The grammar differences.

There are just too many differences between these two languages. Even skilled Romanian translators encounter difficulties when facing modal verbs, passive voice, the English gerund or the subjunctive mood. This is even more complicated in a literary text. You have to pay attention to each one of these grammatical dissimilarities. It’s much easier for a professional Romanian translation service to handle all these little details and also preserve the meaning of your text.

Looking for a professional, native-speaking Romanian translator who can avoid all these pitfalls?

Our Romanian translation services overcome these difficulties on a daily basis. If you have a Romanian text that needs translated, we would be delighted to apply our expertise.


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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