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Debuting Our New Yalunka Translation Services

West Africa is one of the most diverse and heavily populated corners of our world, but unfortunately, this vibrant region receives little attention in the Western world. It’s home to more than 418 million people, more than the entire population of the United States, and is composed of 16 distinct countries. With booming fertility rates, West Africa is rapidly growing, with the hundreds of languages spoken across the region growing in prominence and importance. Indeed, West Africa is remarkably diverse in languages, with hundreds of tongues from different language subfamilies spanning the territory—and one of those languages is Yalunka, also known as Yalunke, Jalonke, Kjalonke, Dyalonké, Djallonké, or Dialonké.

Yalunka comes to us primarily from Guinea, though some Yalunka speakers can also be found in the border regions of Senegal, Mali, and Sierra Leone. The number of native speakers is estimated at around 105,000, which may sound small—but when you consider the sheer number of languages spoken in West Africa, you realize Yalunka is a fairly sizable language with a decent scope of influence. Sadly, being a minority language, Yalunka is nonetheless overshadowed by the bigger languages of Guinea, especially French, the national lingua franca, and Fula, the dominant language in the region the Yalunka people live.

Most translation companies ignore Yalunka and stick to translating French and Fula. But we at are proud of our dedicated Yalunka translation services, which we’d be happy to offer you a free quote for if you just message us.

Discovering the unique qualities of Yalunka

Most languages in West Africa come from the Niger–Congo language family, though they’re divided into several distinct branches with little relation to one another. Yalunka comes from a particularly divergent branch: the Mande languages. Along with its other Mande cousins, including bigger languages like Mandinka, Maninka, and especially Susu, Yalunka uses a subject-object-verb word order and is characterized by a general lack of inflection, putting emphasis on the importance of word order.

Though it may sound impossible to an English speaker, Yalunka doesn’t really use verb tenses—rather, Yalunka speakers consider aspect, which describes how the action is performed, as well as whether it has been completed. Temporal information can be derived from the use of verbal aspect. In some cases, aspect markers can be merged with pronouns in one of the rare examples of inflection in Yalunka. The pronominal system in Yalunka is interesting on its own, since it draws a distinction between the inclusive and exclusive first person—in other words, Yalunka has two words for “we” depending on whether the listener is included.

We’re ready to translate to and from Yalunka for you.

Ready for Yalunka translation services? Our Yalunka translation team is ready! We’ve gathered the foremost Yalunka translation talent from across Guinea and the neighboring regions of Senegal, Mali, and Sierra Leone, and we’re proud to present our team of native-speaking Yalunka translators to you today. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for translation services to Yalunka or from Yalunka, because our passionate translation team can provide seamless translations in both directions.

It’s also worth noting that our team specializes in many different domains of translation. Indeed, if you’re looking for translation of business documents like business plans, financial reports, or contracts, we can help. We’re also here if you need help promoting your organization, as our team can translate your ad copy, press releases, and corporate blog posts to or from Yalunka. If you’re interested in conducting research in the Fula Djallon region of Guinea or want to help native Yalunka children access education in their native language, our academic Yalunka translators have your back. Or maybe you’re looking to share Yalunka stories with the world—or bring international stories and media to the Yalunka people. In both cases, our team is happy to help.

Whatever your Yalunka translation needs may be, we’d be thrilled to assist. Let us know what you’re looking for in a message today!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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