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A New Team to Provide Isthmus Nahuatl Translation Services

Before Europeans arrived at the shores of modern-day Mexico, the land was occupied by hundreds of unrelated ethnic groups whose cultures and languages had developed over thousands of years. The largest and most influential society at the time of European colonization was the Aztec Empire, whose primary language was Nahuatl. Many people are unaware that Nahuatl is still spoken by 1.7 million people today in Mexico, although it’s more like a language group than a single language, since the varieties are often mutually unintelligible. Today, we’re taking a look at one of the easternmost Nahuatl languages: Isthmus Nahuatl.

With an estimated 39,000 native speakers, Isthmus Nahuatl may feel small, especially compared to the total number of Nahuatl speakers—but in fact, 39,000 speakers makes it a relatively large indigenous language in the Americas. Isthmus Nahuatl is further divided into three variants—Cosoleacaque, Mecayapan, and Pajapan—of which the largest is Mecayapan, with approximately 20,000 speakers. While Isthmus Nahuatl may be one of the larger indigenous languages in the Americas, it nonetheless remains endangered, and that’s why we at feel it’s so important to provide dedicated Isthmus Nahuatl translation services.

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Exploring Nahuatl as spoken in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec

As the name of the language indicates, Isthmus Nahuatl is spoken in Mexico’s Isthmus of Tehuantepec, found at the southern end of the country. Isthmus Nahuatl is native to the northern part of the isthmus, specifically in the municipalities of Cosoleacaque, Mecayapan, Pajapan, and Zaragoza in Veracruz and parts of the neighboring state of Tabasco. The variants of Isthmus Nahuatl are not entirely mutually intelligible, demonstrating roughly the same level of similarity as between Spanish and Portuguese. They’re more distantly related to the rest of the Nahuatl languages and even more distantly to other Uto–Aztecan languages like Hopi, Shoshoni, and O’odham.

Isthmus Nahuatl is like other Nahuatl languages in that it exhibits considerable grammatical complexity, with verbs marking the subject, patient, object, and indirect object, if applicable. This means that a single Isthmus Nahuatl word can sometimes express an entire sentence in English. Another feature in Isthmus Nahuatl is evidentiality, a concept found in many indigenous languages of the Americas: the language allows speakers to append a marker to verbs to grammatically indicate that they obtained the information they’re conveying through inference or hearsay. Of course, the complex grammar of Isthmus Nahuatl means it can be difficult to translate, but our native-speaking translators are happy to help you with that.

Tailoring our Isthmus Nahuatl translation services to your project

Whether you’re in Veracruz, Tabasco, another state in Mexico, or even another country in the world, we believe you deserve the best Isthmus Nahuatl translation services possible. So, we’ve set out to build the best team we can, hiring skilled translators of the Cosoleacaque, Mecayapan, and Pajapan variants of Isthmus Nahuatl. We make sure to hire translators who can translate both to and from Isthmus Nahuatl, allowing us to seamlessly adapt to the varied needs of our diverse clientele.

Part of our quality offering includes providing translation services for more specialized needs, such as academic papers, business correspondence, or literary works. Our team is full of Isthmus Nahuatl translators who’ve acquired experience in different areas of the industry, and they’re passionate about putting their skills to work to help connect Isthmus Nahuatl speakers and the rest of the world. Should your text contain technical language, you can also request a translator with specialty knowledge in your field—we’ll do our best to match you with the right translator for you!

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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