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A New Team Delivering Translation Services for Pinotepa Mixtec

Most people associate Mexico with a vibrant and colorful Hispanic culture, with Spanish dominating life in the Central American country. But there’s a state in the country’s south where at least a third of inhabitants speak an indigenous language as their mother tongue—and half of that population doesn’t speak Spanish at all. Indeed, this state is the heart of indigenous Mexico, accounting for more than half of all indigenous language speakers in the country. Welcome to Oaxaca, where you’ll find, among many other indigenous languages, Pinotepa Mixtec.

Approximately 30,000 people among Oaxaca’s indigenous population speak Pinotepa Mixtec as their first language. Depending on how one classifies the languages, there are anywhere between 12 to 53 Mixtec languages, which collectively have more than 530,000 native speakers. The varieties of Mixtec are, while related, sometimes worlds apart, completely mutually intelligible, so it’s important to look for specialized translation services for particular Mixtec languages like Pinotepa Mixtec. Here at, we’ve just launched translation services for Pinotepa Mixtec.

Anyone interested in a free quote for our Pinotepa Mixtec translation services can request one today!

What kind of language is Pinotepa Mixtec?

Pinotepa Mixtec speakers are mostly found in southwestern Oaxaca, spread across numerous towns the district of Jamiltepec, including Pinotepa Nacional. The variety of Pinotepa Mixtec spoken in the towns of San Juan Colorado and San Pedro Atoyac is sometimes classified as a separate language, but they’re much closer to each other than to the many other varieties of Mixtec. If you trace Pinotepa Mixtec’s heritage back far enough, you’ll find it’s a member of the Oto–Manguean language family, as are many other languages in Oaxaca, including the Zapotec and Otomi languages.

When it comes to grammar, Pinotepa Mixtec displays the conventional Oto–Manguean default word order of verb-subject-object, also found in languages like Irish and Hawaiian. Adjectives and demonstratives—words like “this” or “that”—come after the noun, although numerals are placed before the noun. Nouns receive minimal inflection, with no plural form and no case markers on nouns, but Pinotepa Mixtec does feature possessive suffixes for nouns. Verbs, on the other hand, feature complex morphology, with various inflection patterns to denote tense, aspect, mood, and other information. However, Pinotepa Mixtec (along with other Mixtec languages) does not mark person or number on verbs, which reduces some of the complexity. However, translating to and from Pinotepa Mixtec remains a tricky task that, if you care about quality, you should really entrust to native-speaking professionals like our translators.

Our team of Pinotepa Mixtec translators is passionate and diverse.

We aim to be your one-stop shop for all of your Pinotepa Mixtec translation needs. Few translation companies dedicate themselves to specific varieties of endangered minority languages like Mixtec, but we’ve worked hard to locate the best translators of the specific Pinotepa Mixtec variety as possible. Our translators hail from different towns in the area, and they’re happy to accommodate you whether you’re looking for translation into Pinotepa Mixtec or from the indigenous language.

Are you an academic researcher who wishes to interview or distribute surveys to Pinotepa Mixtec speakers? Or maybe you’re a business leader who wants to expand their corporate ventures to the Pinotepa Mixtec-speaking region of southwestern Oaxaca? Or perhaps a creative soul on either side of the language barrier seeking to spread your work to the rest of the world or to this specific indigenous community in Mexico? If you have need for specialized types of translation, such as academic translation, business translation, or literary translation, just tell us. Our team is diverse and well-rounded enough that we may just have the right expert for you.

Don’t postpone your Pinotepa Mixtec translation project—reach out today to place your first order with us!

Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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