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Proudly Introducing Our Translation Services for Zapotec

Before Europeans colonized the Americas, a diverse range of ethnic groups inhabited the landmass, with each group freely practicing their culture and speaking their own language. Unfortunately, the arrival of Europeans significantly reduced the vitality of these indigenous cultures and languages, wiping some out entirely. But many still hang on today. Indigenous languages generally have much stronger vitality in Mexico than in the US and Canada, with a surprisingly large portion of the Mexican population speaking indigenous languages. One of the largest is Zapotec, a group of closely related indigenous languages in southern Mexico.

Nearly half a million people speak Zapotec languages, divided among roughly 50 individual languages. Distribution is extremely uneven—while Loxicha Zapotec accounts for more than 70,000 speakers, other Zapotec languages have just 10 speakers, all elderly. Some Zapotec languages are spoken with pride, such as those in the Isthmus, while speakers of some other Zapotec languages face discrimination and shame regarding their language. There may be significant variety within the Zapotec languages, but in our Zapotec translation services, we’re proud to represent a wide range of Zapotec languages, finding skilled translators for as many variants as possible.

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Exploring the wonderful world of Zapotec languages

Zapotec is a major branch of the Oto–Manguean language family, with almost all Zapotec languages spoken in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. Zapotec-speaking communities can also be found in California and New Jersey, however. Notably, Zapotec speakers in California have championed Zapotec language classes and medical interpretation training.

Since the Zapotec languages are closely related, they share many of the same grammatical features, even if there is variation among the tongues. Zapotec languages tend to adopt a verb-subject-object word order by default, placing the verb at the beginning of a sentence, although grammatical particles and adverbs may precede the verb. Zapotec languages may also make a distinction between inherent possession, such as of body parts or family members, and non-inherent possession in their possessive constructions. Zapotec languages feature no nominal inflection, with a total lack of noun cases and plural marked by a number or quantifying particle, if at all. Zapotec verbs accept prefixes to indicate aspect, with three aspects—habitual, potential, and completive—shared across all varieties.

Zapotec translation services for a wide range of documents

Our Zapotec translators represent many different Zapotec languages, and as native speakers, they’re proud to help you translate to and from Zapotec. For those looking to translate from Zapotec to English, allow us to smoothly translate historical documents, traditional stories, or contemporary literature written in a Zapotec language into English—after all, we love spreading Zapotec culture to different audiences around the world. For those seeking translation services from English to Zapotec, we can help you create surveys and questionnaires for academic or governmental research, promotional business materials to better cater to a Zapotec-speaking customer base, pedagogical materials to facilitate Zapotec-language education for children, or entertainment content like books, websites, games, apps, and poems to induce more pride in Zapotec among speakers and allow both native speakers and learners to enjoy Zapotec languages in more contexts.

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Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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