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Our Translation Services for the Country of Jordan


Jordanians: Take advantage of our world-class translation services!

At, we harbor a deep appreciation and respect for the nation of Jordan. This culturally and historically rich country is brimming with such incredible sights, from historic Petra and the Treasury to Wadi Rum and Al-Siq, how could we feel any differently? But that’s not all Jordan has to offer. The Jordanian people truly make the nation what it is, a hotspot for ambitious scholars, business leaders, artists, and others who deserve international recognition for their work. Our skilled translators are here to help Jordanians break down language barriers.

What languages would you like to translate to or from? We work with Arabic, of course, as well as other major languages in the region, including Persian, Kurdish, Hebrew, and Neo-Aramaic. Perhaps you’re eying languages farther away—Javanese, Mongolian, Kazakh, or French, among others. Or maybe you want translation services for an endangered language, like Navajo or K’iche’. We offer it all.

We provide translation quotes for free. All you have to do is request one!

Including all Jordanians in our translation scope

Jordan is full of academics, entrepreneurs, authors, doctors, lawyers, and many others who need translation services to reach their full potential. Each translation client has different needs, which is why we’ve created such a diverse translation team. We want to cater to everyone. Whether you’re from Amman, Zarqa, Irbid, Russeifa, Al Quwaysimah, Tilā’ al-‘Alī, or another city in Jordan, join us. We welcome everyone!

·        We respect the esteemed higher education institutes of Jordan, such as the University of Jordan, the Jordan University of Science and Technology, Al al-Bayt University, and the Hashemite University. We know the scholars here are pushing the boundaries of their respective fields, so we hired specialized academic translators from various disciplines to ensure these Jordanian academics always have access to great translation services.

·        All over Jordan, new businesses set up by passionate entrepreneurs are dotting the landscape and offering a promising future for the economy. For this, we have a team of translators who specialize in business communications. They can translate internal documents like business proposals and HR manuals, as well as marketing materials like commercial scripts and press releases—whatever Jordanian business leaders need to succeed.

·        Literature is an important part of Jordanian culture, with the country’s rich history stretching back millennia. Today, Jordanian novelists, poets, and other writers continue to move audiences with their prose, but they require the careful touch of an experienced literary translator to ready their work for international consumption. If that’s you, turn to our literary translation team!

·        The need for specialized translation services is common in the medical profession, but unfortunately, reliable medical translation services can be hard to come by. It’s difficult to find translators who are sufficiently qualified to navigate the technical vocabulary in fields like anesthesiology, pediatrics, and radiology. That’s where our partner firm comes in. They specialize in medical translation in numerous niches, ensuring consistently reliable medical translation services for healthcare professionals in Jordan.

·        If you practice the law in Jordan, you may run into the same problem as your medical professional counterparts: the terminology in your niche of the law, be it corporate law, tort law, or copyright law, is just too dense for a general translator to handle. Our partner legal translation company is here to help. If you’re looking for trustworthy and confidential legal translation services, they’re your team.

·        Would you like to move to Jordan? Or are you a native-born Jordanian with your sights set on life in another country? Whatever your situation, we want to help with the tiresome bureaucratic process. We provide certified translation services for official documents—birth certificates, marriage licenses, professional certifications, diplomas, divorce papers, and more—to or from countless languages.

·        A lot of ambitious experts in Jordan’s burgeoning tech sector are hard at work producing everything from websites and apps to programs and games, ready to take the world by storm. Unfortunately, if they don’t seek localization services, they’re limited to the Arabic-speaking world. Let our localization experts prepare your digital content for worldwide distribution!

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We trust our translation team—and so should you.

It’s our mission to ensure that the people of Jordan have access to reliable translation services that allow them to take their work global, whether they’re academic researchers, innovative entrepreneurs, or ambitious content creators. That’s why we’ve pieced together our team so carefully, hiring the best translators from all over the world. Our Arabic team represents dialects from countries across the Middle East and North Africa, and we source translators for other languages from around the world.

What if your document contains esoteric language? Don’t worry. As much as possible, we make sure to hire translators with knowledge in other domains. With a team as big and diverse as ours, it’s easy to cover a wide range of topics, so no matter what your project is, we’re confident we can help. So, Jordanians—all 11 million of you—reach out to us for all your translation needs!

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We offer free samples. Grab yours!

We’re not asking you to just trust us blindly. We know you want only the best for your project, so let us show you that we’re the best. Request a free, no-obligation translation sample by sending us the document you’d like us to translate. We’ll send back a sample of our work, and you can decide how to proceed. It’s really that simple!

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