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English to Kurdish Translation Services


Kurdish is a member of the Western Iranian branch of Indo-European languages, a language family of several hundred related languages and dialects, and is spoken in Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Afghanistan. There are also small Kurdish-speaking communities in other countries, such as Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Israel, and many more. It is estimated there are about 30 million Kurdish speakers around the world today.


Translating English to Kurdish can be difficult because of significant differences between these two languages, especially in phonology and grammar. However, has assembled a Kurdish translation team that produces English to Kurdish translations quickly and accurately.


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Why use for English to Kurdish translation?


  • You should contact us if you’re a graduate student or a university professor from an English-speaking country who wants to translate your academic work, journal article, or any other document into Kurdish to build your academic connections or present your work to a Kurdish audience.


  • Trust our translation team if you want to establish your company’s roots in a Kurdish-speaking region. We translate business plans, marketing materials, reports, user manuals, and all other business documents.


  • Get in touch with us if you’re planning to move, study, or work in Iraq or another Kurdish-language region. With the help of our legal translation partner agency, we’re able to translate all types of legal documents and certified personal documents, from contracts, to certificates, to wills. We have also partnered with a medical translation agency to offer translation of medical histories and medical test results.


If you want to save money and time, is the right choice for you, as we offer the best rates and turnaround times available online. We also offer services across the world, whether you live in Baghdad, Ankara, Yerevan, New York, London, or Toronto.


Do you need to translate your personal documents, but you’re afraid the translation service might not be confidential or reliable? To us, client confidentiality is a top priority.


Let us help you complete your translation work.


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