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Waterloo, Canada, Professional Translation Services

We’re rated Waterloo’s best translation agency for a reason.

In fact, we’re not only the best translators in Waterloo—we at also lead the online translation sphere in Ontario and even Canada. There’s a reason
business executives, scholars, and writers from all corners of Waterloo trust our translators’ expertise and knowledge to professionally translate documents on any topic to and from English and any of 100+ other languages. From the Waterloo Pioneers Memorial Tower to the University of Waterloo’s Earth Sciences Museum, our goal is to serve all Waterluvians.

Accuracy and professionalism are important in a translation, and these are qualities only experienced human translators can provide. While Google Translate works in a pinch if you desperately need to grasp the gist of a foreign text, you never want to entrust it with your important business, academic, or creative translation projects. The only way it can work for such projects is if it's paired with a human translator who carefully analyzes the results and amends them accordingly. Machine translation gets even less accurate when you work with under-served languages such as
Javanese, Sinhala, or Bosnian, but human translators retain their impeccable knowledge indefinitely. Our human translators will professionally translate these three languages, as well as over 100 others, and they can even provide specialized translation services, such as localization, legal translation, and many others.

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We welcome Waterluvians to take advantage of our translation services.

We don’t discriminate. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a
professor from Eastbridge, a business owner from Westmount, or a poet from Lakeshore: No matter what, we can help you with your translation needs.


  • Whether you’re associated with the University of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier University, or any other institution, Waterloo academics deserve access to high-quality translation services for their research papers, dissertations, interviews, and more. That’s what our academic translators are here for. As subject-matter experts in psychology, education, and many other fields, they can guarantee the professional and accurate translation of your work, even if it’s technical and filled with terms laypeople don’t understand.


  • Businesses from all over Waterloo deserve to thrive, but many restricting their own potential by not translating their marketing materials into other languages. Don’t worry, though—our reliable business translators can help. They’ll translate internal reports, press releases, corporate blog posts, and more to help Waterloo companies grow their businesses and boost the local economy.


  • Waterloo isn’t known as the Creative Capital of Canada for nothing. The city is home to countless novelists, screenwriters, poets, and other literary artists, but if they don’t translate their work, much of the world can’t enjoy their art. Our literary translators are here to help the many creatives in Waterloo spread their work far and wide and make the world a more magical place. They’ve already translated westerns, fantasy novels, science fiction, and more, so they’re more than prepared to help you translate your manuscript or other work.


  • Healthcare providers all over Waterloo need medical translation for a variety of reasons, including for patient interviews or clinical instructions. To ensure they have access to the high-quality services they need, we started a partnership with a leading medical translation firm that can professionally translate documents in the fields of ophthalmology, dermatology, neurology, and more.


  • Whether you’re a lawyer, business, or individual, if you have legal documents you need translated, you know you have to seek specialized legal translators for an accurate translation. Our partner firm’s translators are experts in Canadian law, tort law, criminal law, or another branch, and they command various language pairs, including Arabic to English and English to Mandarin. At the same time, they never compromise on accuracy or confidentiality.


  • One in four residents in Waterloo is an immigrant. If you, too, are looking to immigrate to Waterloo and require certified translation of your medical record, adoption papers, or another official document, let us help. All of our certified translations come with a guarantee of accuracy that will satisfy the requirements of the Canadian government.


  • The Internet has become an international community, but many websites limit themselves to an English-speaking audience. If you have your website translated by us, you’ll see a permanent boost in your traffic.

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Global translation talent in one place.

Our team features leading translators from around the world. Our high standards won’t let us settle for anything but the best, so we only hire translators who not only are translation and language experts but also command a vast knowledge base of other fields of study.

Among Waterloo’s 104,986 people and throughout Ontario are
business owners, students, content creators, and others we’re eager to impress with our unmatched translation skills. We’ll help you connect with your francophone compatriots in Quebec or with Swahili speakers in Tanzania. If you need translation services, turn to us.

The longer you wait to order translation, the longer you miss out on the benefits it offers.

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