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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Professional Translation Services

Kuala Lumpur

Nothing beats professional, accurate translation.

If you’re going to purchase translation services, make sure you’re spending your money on a translation service that’s worth it. There are tons of translation companies that hire insufficiently qualified translators or simply use machine translation without having skilled human translators carefully verify the accuracy, but that’s not what the
business owners, professors, and content writers in Kuala Lumpur want to spend their hard-earned ringgits on. provides the high-quality translations that KLites are seeking. Our translation standards are as high as the Petronas Twin Towers, regardless of the language or topic you’re working with.

There are an estimated 200 to 250 million speakers of Malay. That’s a lot of people, but they’re primarily only in Malaysia and Indonesia, so if you wish to reach people in other countries, translation is your only option. Not automated translation, though—that won’t give you the quality you’re looking for, and the resulting text may not even be understandable. hires only highly experienced professional human translators, so whether you’re seeking translation in
Malay, Punjabi, Amharic, Hindi, or any of more than 100 other languages, we can serve you. Our translators are true masters of their craft—whether they’re translating business texts, novel manuscripts, or anything else you desire, they always make sure to retain your original tone and style in the translated document.

How much do our translation services cost? Find out free.


With us, there’s a translation service for everybody.

Given the extensive experience and talent of our translation team and the wide array of translation services we offer, we believe we can say that we’re the best translation service in all of Malaysia. That’s right—not just Kuala Lumpur or Terengganu but all of Malaysia.


  • Groundbreaking knowledge shouldn’t be restricted by language barriers. It’s our mission to help the esteemed professors, students, and researchers at the University of Malaya, International Islamic University Malaysia, and Universiti Teknologi MARA publish their journal articles and research papers in reputable international journals. We have the perfect team for this: academic translators who are experts in computer science, religion, economics, and whatever else your field of study may be. That way, we can guarantee accuracy regardless of the level of the subject’s complexity.


  • Do you want to transform your business in Kuala Lumpur? There’s a great way to boost your sales: professional business translation. Whether it’s for business reports, ad copy, or blog posts, professional business translation can attract loyal new customers who otherwise never would have known about your company in Bukit Bintang or Ukay Heights. Just watch your sales go up and up!


  • We don’t think it’s fair to the rest of the world that only Malay speakers are able to enjoy the wonders of Kuala Lumpur literature, and it’s certainly not fair to these talented authors, who deserve to have their work known better around the world. Looking to spread your Malay-language memoir, science fiction, or romance novel to speakers of other languages? Let us help—our creative translation services are perfect for you.


  • No aspect of the healthcare industry is easy, including translation for healthcare. Whether it’s oncology, anesthesiology, or obstetrics and gynecology, the technical vocabulary specific to your medical specialty requires the specific expertise of specially trained medical translators like the ones at the medical translation firm we’ve partnered with. Finally, medical professionals in Kuala Lumpur have a trustworthy medical translation service to rely on.


  • In law, precision is everything—even a slight mistranslation could have disastrous consequences. That’s why you need to hire specially trained legal translators who know the ins and outs of Malaysian law, as well as the law of their other respective regions, like the brilliant legal translators at the legal translation company we work with. The options are endless: a banking law document from Malay to English? A tax law document from English to Chinese? A tort law document from Tamil to English? They can do that. Confidentiality is always guaranteed!


  • Any time you need to present a translation of an official document, such as a death certificate, diploma, or driver’s license, to a government body, you typically need to have it translated through a certified service. We can do that. Let us help—we offer certified translation that includes numerous quality assurance checks to ensure its utmost accuracy.


  • A website in Malay is essentially only accessible to people in Malaysia and Indonesia. To reach the wider world, you’ll need professional website translation, which we can happily offer for a website of any type, whether business, personal, or anything else.

We can’t wait to start translating your documents.


We settle for nothing but the best.

If you want the best in translation, you’ll find it with us. Our translators are simply the best, leading the translation industry in their respective language pairs and subject fields. We only hire translators who possess supplementary knowledge that allows them to expertly translate technical, complex texts as well.

Whether you’re among the 1,768,000 people in Kuala Lumpur or the 32,772,100 in Malaysia, we want to help you translate your
business reports, academic papers, and novel manuscripts. Our job is to help KLites produce their best work—and then give it voice around the world. Everyone has a different reason for needing translation, but no matter what yours is, we’re ready to help you.

Reach out to us. We can give you more information and a quote.


Let us show off.

No matter what we say, it’s not as powerful as simply showing you a sample of our superb translation work. So, if you’d like to see our work before you submit a paid order, just ask us. All we need is your translation document and your desired language pair.

A free translation sample is just a click away.

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