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Edinburgh, Scotland, Professional Translation Services


Skilled translators ready to serve you

What makes stand out from competing translation providers? The skill and experience of our translators, which are unparalleled. When we bring a translator into our global network, we make sure they possess sharp linguistic skills, fluency in the languages you need, a wealth of experience translating a variety of content, and expertise in your subject matter. No other translation provider makes this kind of commitment to hiring the very best.

In addition, offers a range of translation solutions that address any need. Whether you are a
business owner near Edinburgh Castle, a writer working near Royal Yacht Britannia, or a professor teaching at the University of Edinburgh, we can produce high-quality translations of any type of content into nearly any language (together, our translators are fluent in more than 100).

When you bring a job to us, you can be confident that it will be handled by a human translator. That doesn't mean we never make use of automated translation tools, as they can be quite useful for professional translators. Rather, it means every single translation we deliver has been meticulously checked for quality and accuracy by one of our experienced human translators. Our translators take care with every word, ensuring that the proper tone and personal style are maintained. They also apply knowledge of the subject matter to ensure that translations include any special terms or particular nuances in word usage.

We do
general translation, certified translation, and an array of other types of translation. Whether you need a business translation in Javanese, an academic translation in Sinhala, or a literary translation in Bosnian, we can meet your needs. We are also skilled in translating particular language pairs, such as English to Persian or Vietnamese to English—an especially important skill in academic and professional translation.

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The right service for the job, every time

We have served people all over Edinburgh, earning a reputation as the finest translation service in Scotland (even the entire United Kingdom). You will understand why when you see the broad range of services we offer:


  • Are you a scholar with a research paper that needs to be translated? Our academic services have helped professors from the University of Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt University, and other institutions by translating their important work. We work in all fields (psychology, education, and many more subjects) and assign a translator with knowledge in the subject.


  • Do you need to translate important business documents for new staff in another country? Or marketing materials and a website to attract new customers outside Scotland? We have helped numerous businesses—from Old Town to New Town—with this type of translation, supporting their efforts to earn money in new markets.


  • Are you a writer looking to expand the audience for your novel beyond anglophone readers? Our literary translation team has worked with writers from all over Athens of the North. The team has experience translating self-help books, children’s literature, screenplays, and more. Format and genre don’t matter—we can handle any type of printed material.


  • Is your translation need related to a legal case or a specific type of law (such as banking, health, or criminal law)? You can use our legal translation service. We partner with a firm that specializes in legal translation and is familiar with the legal terms used throughout the United Kingdom (as well as elsewhere). These translators always conduct their work in the strictest confidentiality.


  • Are you a physician who needs to translate medical texts for patients? We partner with another expert translation provider to provide medical translation for the healthcare community of Edinburgh. We cover all specialties: ophthalmology, dermatology, neurology, and many others.


  • Is your translation need related to immigration or some other process where certified translation is required? We have a team especially for this work, so if you need adoption papers, birth certificates, or other official documents, we can provide high-quality translations of them. As with all of our translations, these are run through an intensive series of quality checks to ensure accuracy.


  • Websites? We translate those, too. It doesn’t matter if the website is a few pages or a few hundred pages—we can do the job. All you need to do is submit your documents and wait for us to return accurate translations of them.

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A team of translators who are second to none

We maintain a network of hard-working translators that spans the globe. The combination of their excellent language skills and their deep knowledge of a variety of topics makes them a superb team.

For the 493,000 people of Edinburgh, Scotland, provides the clear option for whatever their translation needs may be.
Authors, scholars, businesspeople, and many others choose us when they need the translations of the highest quality—whether their audience is a few bilingual people in the community or millions of non-English speakers abroad. We’re confident you will choose us as well.

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We offer free samples of our work.

We stand by our work. If you would like further proof that we are the right translation provider for you, let us send you a work sample at no charge. This will allow you to see our work quality for yourself.

Ask us for a free work sample.

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