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Danish to English Translation Services


How will Danish to English translation services benefit your business? Considering English is widely spoken across the world, we’re confident translation will grant you access to many potential clients. It can also grow your academic career or expand your job search.

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English is the first language of around 400 million people and the second language of 1.1 billion more. Unlike with many other common languages, these 1.5 billion English speakers are spread out across the world. Did you know that on every continent except Antarctica, you can find an English-speaking country? Danish to English translation services will help you interact with the large and spread-out English-speaking community.


Why choose


Steer clear of overly literal and confusing translations, especially if you want to be taken seriously as a businessperson, academic, or author. works with experienced human translators with subject-matter expertise. With knowledge of a wide range of disciplines, they provide accurate and fast translation services every day. Unlike so many other translation services, we do not rely on notoriously substandard machine translation, so nuances in the original text are preserved when translated into the target language.


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For whom do we provide Danish to English translation?


Our knowledgeable and meticulous translators provide support to the following:


  • Businesspeople. Are you in the food, pharmaceutical, or fashion industry or another type of business? Let our English translators handle your product labels, packaging, print ads, company websites, and more. We have also partnered with an English legal translation firm to translate your Danish contracts, agreements, and other legal documents.


  • Academics. Do you have a new discovery or theory to publish? Our English academic translators work with journal articles, research papers, and case studies. We’ve supported professors and graduate students from the University of Copenhagen, the Technical University of Denmark, and Aarhus University.


  • Creatives. Do you have a fascinating story to share? Are you the next Jens Christian Grøndahl or Søren Kierkegaard? Our literary translators will convert your work into fluent English, preserving the impact of your carefully chosen words. They handle fiction and nonfiction writing from all genres, including mystery novels, self-help books, and magazine feature articles.


Whether your translation project is laden with academic or technical terminology, business jargon, or creative language, we are ready to help. And it doesn’t matter if you’re in Aarhus, Aalborg, Copenhagen, Odense, Frederiksberg, Esbjerg, Randers, Kolding, or elsewhere.


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