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English to Māori Translation Services


Māori, known also as Te Reo and Te Reo Māori, is one of the three official languages of New Zealand. As the largest indigenous language of New Zealand, with more than 25,000 speakers, Māori bears special culture significance in the country. In fact, there’s been a strong revitalization movement and increased use in recent years, similar to with Welsh and Cree. And although almost all Māori speakers can also use English, you can stand out by communicating in the language many prefer and connect with more personally.


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Māori belongs to the Oceanic branch of the Austronesian language family. This makes it closer to Hawaiian and Marshallese and more distantly related to Indonesian and Tagalog. Māori uses many grammatical particles to indicate information including verb tense, mood, aspect, location, possession, and topic-marking. Additionally, the language has multiple ways to express possession that emphasize the relationship between the owner and the object. As challenging as Māori translation may be, our seasoned team has years of experience and will ensure you receive English to Māori translations that are accurate, natural, and true to the original text.



Materials We Translate into Māori


  • Websites. Distinguish your project from others with online materials in the Māori language. We support retail webpages, informational and education sites, blogs, and more.


  • Localized content. Make your digital content available in New Zealand’s largest indigenous language. We work with apps, software, online interfaces, and more.


  • Signage. We work with a range of organizations to produce accurately translated signs and placards for directions, public spaces, and more.


At, we pride ourselves on being able to meet the specific needs of our clients. Whether you’re based in Whangārei, Tauranga, Auckland, Wellington, or elsewhere, we are ready to help with your project and tailor our services to your needs.


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