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Māori to English Translation Services


Today, not only is English the most widely spoken language in New Zealand, but it also serves as the world’s lingua franca. To successfully reach one-fifth of the world’s population, high-quality English translation can make all the difference. While most Māori speakers also speak English, finding experienced Māori to English translators with the right expertise and attention to detail can be difficult. At, we’ve spent years perfecting our craft.


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We’re familiar with the challenges of translating Austronesian languages such as Malagasy, Indonesian, and Tagalog into English. Moreover, our team is practiced in translating a range of Māori materials. We work with texts written in either the modern or the older spelling system as well as materials with different styles and degrees of code-switching. Additionally, we can tailor how we localize your material in English to fit the audiences you’re trying to reach.



Māori to English Translation Services We Offer


  • Literary translation. Despite the language’s long history of storytelling, much of Māori literature still hasn’t been translated into English. We work with folk stories, plays, short stories, poems, and novels for publishers and authors alike.


  • Academic translation. We provide English translation for a range of historical texts for researchers, historians, and academics.


Whether you want to reach a worldwide audience or a local one, our translators can bring your project to new readers. We will work with your specifications and meet your needs whether you’re in Whangārei, Tauranga, Keirkeri, Auckland, or elsewhere.


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