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English to Bikol Translation Services


Bikol, known also as Central Bikol, Bicolano, or Bikol Naga, is a major language of the Philippines. Spoken throughout the Bicol region in the east of the country by more than 2.5 million people, the language holds special importance to the Philippines’ fourth-largest ethnic group, the Bicolanos.


Today, most businesses and organizations in the Philippines keep their messaging in either Tagalog or English. While these languages have broad reach in the country, Bikol content will stand out from the rest and leave a lasting impression among local audiences.


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Like Indonesian and Malagasy, Bikol belongs to the Austronesian language family. It is classified as a Philippine language, putting it in the same group as Cebuano, Tagalog, and Ilocano, among others. Within that group, Bikol is considered a macrolanguage with a wide range of varieties and dialects that vary from region to region. In fact, linguists have identified at least six distinct dialects within Bikol. While all this may seem complex, our translation team is well versed in providing Bikol translations that suit the audience as well as the content itself.



Materials We Translate from English to Bikol


  • Business content. Distinguish yourself from other businesses in the region with materials in the language people use daily. We can translate anything from customer reviews, testimonials, and product information to promotional materials, advertisements, and more.


  • Websites. Make a stronger impression by having your online content available in Bikol. We work with blogs, ecommerce pages, gaming sites, and any other online content.


  • Localized materials. Make all your digital content available to Bikol-speaking audiences. Our team can support you with translation for software, apps, games, and other digital and print media.

Whether you’re based in Legazpi City, Naga City, Sorsogon City, or Pili, we can tailor your materials to fit the specific needs of your project and intended audience. Our goal is to provide you with quality English to Bikol translation services and leave you satisfied.


To learn how we can help or to get a free quote, message us now.

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