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Alberta, Canada: Best Transcription Services


Serving Albertans one translation at a time

Canada is a big country—and Alberta, with its large population and thriving economy, is a shining star of development. Alberta’s natural beauty is also a wonder to behold. Banff National Park draws visitors from around the world, while lesser known sites like Maligne Canyon, Moraine Lake, and Lake Minnewanka showcase Alberta’s grandeur. Another of Alberta’s important assets is its bright and ambitious populace, with rising stars in business, academia, the arts, and other industries. We at are here to support Albertans of all walks of life with their translation needs, no matter the project.

Technology is optimizing more and more aspects of life, and translation is no exception. Automated translation is fantastic when you’re in a pinch, but it just isn’t accurate enough to replace human experts in more important situations. If you’d like to save money, an automated translation that our human experts carefully edit for accuracy is a worthwhile alternative. Whether you prefer that option or an entirely human-generated translation is up to you!

What languages do we work with? Any you can think of! Mandarin. German. Punjabi. Indigenous languages like Cree and Ojibwe. We translate all these and many more. No matter what you’re looking for, we’re determined to accommodate the translation needs of all Albertans.

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The number one translation service for all Albertans

Alberta is a big province with a large and diverse population, so you may be wondering how we’re able to accommodate everyone. It’s all thanks to our expansive team of skilled translators, who specialize in everything from business and academic translation to literary translation and localization. We serve clients from Calgary, Edmonton, Medicine Hat, Fort McMurray, Red Deer, Lethbridge, and elsewhere all across Alberta.

  • Do you study at the University of Alberta? What about the University of Calgary, Mount Royal University, or MacEwan University? Our academic translation team is dedicated to helping Alberta’s students, professors, and researchers reach new heights with their dissertations, journal articles, research surveys, and more by translating them to and from hundreds of foreign languages. Our translators are specialized in different domains, so don’t worry about technical vocabulary!

  • Alberta commands a booming economy with a high per-capita income. The province is overflowing with business and entrepreneurial talent pushing the boundaries of corporate innovation. Whether you need translation services for internal company documents or outward-facing marketing collateral, our business translators are eager to help you push your business endeavours across linguistic borders.

  • Want to share your story with the world? If you’re one of the many Albertans creating entertainment content—novels, books, movies, TV shows, videos, podcasts, video games, apps, and more—our literary translators can help you reach new audiences through translation. We take care to retain your unique writing style and tone while conveying the deeper messages of your work in the target language.

  • Do you work in the Albertan healthcare sector, toiling away to ensure Albertans are safe? The technical terminology common in medical subfields like dermatology, emergency medicine, or radiology is nearly impossible for laypeople to understand, even if they’re skilled in general transcription. That’s why we decided to partner with a leading medical translation service that specializes in various medical domains and guarantees confidential translations every time.

  • Whether you’re an Albertan lawyer working in criminal law, immigration law, or tax law, you likely understand the difficulties of finding a suitable legal translator. But if you contact us for an introduction to one of the specialized legal translation experts at our partner firm, it’s suddenly a walk in the park. No matter what niche of the law you’re active in, our partners promise precision and confidentiality in every translation.

  • Alberta’s booming economy makes the province a top destination for immigrants from around the world, which means many Albertans speak languages such as Mandarin, Punjabi, German, Tagalog, and more. Perhaps you need certified translation for your immigration documents (e.g., birth certificate or passport) or for your business. Our certified translation services are ideal for that.

  • In today’s digital landscape, technology plays an increasingly large role in our lives. We’re passionate about making the wonders of technology more accessible, so if you’re looking to localize your website, video game, app, software program, or something else, reach out to our localization team!

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Our secret weapon: the best translators in the world

How are we able to offer such high-quality yet flexible translations so consistently? Easy—we’ve hired the best translators in the world. We cover hundreds of languages and work with the best translators for each of them, with wide coverage of different dialects and vernaculars. We’ve also made sure to source translators with expertise in other industries, allowing us to seamlessly translate technical jargon in a number of fields.

More than 4.2 million people call Alberta home. That’s a lot of people with potential translation needs for their business endeavours, research projects, artistic creations, and other documents. But we don’t shy away from challenges—we live for them. Our translators are eager to help Albertans translate to and from hundreds of languages for their diverse projects. A transparent pricing model makes great translation services more accessible than ever.

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Exactly how good are our translators, anyway? Let us show you for free! If you send us the document you’d like translated, we can provide a free translation sample, no strings attached. Our offer is available to all first-time clients.

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