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Edmonton, Canada, Professional Translation Services


High-quality translation from leading translators.

If you’re looking for accurate translations, look no further than Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a professor, or a writer from Edmonton, we would be delighted to help you craft professional translations, regardless of the language and topic.

If you want your work to expand beyond Canada’s borders and reach an international audience—or if you want to reach francophones in Quebec—you need a professional translation service to provide a quality translation. Machine translation won’t cut it in terms of accuracy—if you need quality, you can only rely on human translators.


Our highly experienced human translators will leverage their vast expertise in their language pairs and their expansive knowledge in your topic to create superb translations for nearly any topic in more than 100 languages. Dutch, Kurdish, Tagalog, you name it! It doesn’t matter what type of translation you’re seeking, either, be it medical translation, general translation, or another type, because our wide network of translation experts means that we have the right translation professionals for everyone’s needs.

Find out how little our professional translation services cost now.


What kind of translation services do we offer?

We offer translation services in all imaginable translation domains. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be able to say that we’re the best online translation firm in all of Edmonton—or even Alberta or all of Canada, for that matter! No matter who you are, we know that our translation experts can craft the ideal translation for your needs.


  • Have you written an academic journal article that you’d like to have translated? Whether you’re associated with the University of Alberta, Concordia University of Edmonton, or MacEwan University, our academic translation team is here to help you convey your findings accurately in a foreign language. Scholars in education, statistics, and countless other fields can testify to the brilliance of our academic translation because not only do we know how to translate, but our translators are also familiar with a wide variety of subject matter.


  • We have translators who specialize in business documents to help you translate your human resources manual, press release, or website content. From business executives in Oliver to startups in Pleasantview, professionals from all over the Festival City have trusted our translation expertise to expand their reach and improve their bottom line.


  • If you’d like your book, film script, or other creative writing project to form a fanbase outside of Canada, a professional literary translation will go a long way. Our literary translators know the ins and outs of numerous genres, including science fiction, children’s literature, and drama, so you can rest assured that your new readers in German, Japanese, or Finnish can enjoy all the nuances of your masterpiece.


  • Many healthcare professionals, whether they work in pediatrics, hematology, immunology, or another sub-branch, require medical translation services. For medical personnel all across Edmonton, we’ve partnered with a superb medical translation agency to ensure the highest quality translations in all sorts of medical fields.


  • If you work in law, you understand how complex Canadian law terminology is. A legal translator needs to be well versed in the legal lexicon of English and their other target language, whether it’s Filipino, Punjabi, or Cantonese. Our top-notch legal translation partner provides excellent legal translation in these and countless other languages without ever breaching confidentiality, whether you work in tax law, banking law, or another area.


  • Whether you’re immigrating to Canada or heading somewhere else, you likely need translations of important documents, such as your driver’s license, birth certificate, or marriage certificate. Such translations must be certified, but luckily for you, we offer a rigorous certified translation service that ensures that the translation will meet the standards of the government body to which you’re applying.


  • It’s estimated that only 20% of the world population speaks English. Use our website translation services to cater to that other 80% and unlock an entirely new audience for your website.

Your job is to send us your translation documents. We’ll take care of the rest.

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Our translation team will doubtlessly exceed your expectations.

Our translation experts are hand-picked from all around the globe. We hire translators based on their superior knowledge of not only languages and translation but also the subject matter—we have translation experts in biology, economics, psychology, and more.

Of the nearly a million people in the great city of Edmonton, countless individuals are businesspeople, students, poets, and others with the need for professional translation services. No matter their goal, whether it’s selling their novel in France or launching a business service catering to Edmonton’s large Filipino population, we’re the translation team for Edmontonians.

Let’s start our translation relationship today.

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Free sample, anyone?

It’s important to understand the level of quality you’re paying for when you submit a paid translation order. We don’t want you to be nervous as you wait for us to return your document, so we offer free short translation samples in your language pair of choice. This way, you’ll know you’re getting the best translation services in Edmonton.

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