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Calgary, Canada, Professional Translation Services


Our experienced translators provide reliably accurate translations you can trust.

You can trust the translations from us here at—otherwise we wouldn’t be the top online translation service in Calgary. Already, business leaders, professors, and screenwriters from all areas of Calgary, who walk past the Calgary Tower and Fort Calgary every day, can attest to our translation expertise, regardless of the language or subject matter.

Thanks to our professional translation services, your writing can reach French-speaking Canadians or even audiences beyond the Canadian border. At, we believe in high-quality translation, which means all our translations earn a seal of approval from our sharp-eyed human translators, whether they produce them from scratch or carefully edit machine-generated translations. Our knowledgeable human translation experts who promise accuracy and quality.


Whether you require translation to or from Danish, Korean, Russian, or any of over 100 languages, we’re here to serve the translation needs of everyone in Calgary. From literary translation to certified translation and all sorts of other translation, our translation professionals know how to expertly convey your content in a foreign language without compromising your tone or style.

Just reach out to us, and we can provide a free quote for our translation services.


Our translation services are for everyone in Calgary.

We’re the leading translation experts for Calgary, for Alberta—even for all of Canada. With translators working in over 100 languages who boast subject-matter knowledge in numerous fields, we know we can translate academic, business, and creative content to meet your needs, no matter what they are.


  • The many great universities of Calgary, including the University of Calgary, Mount Royal University, and Ambrose University, are home to scholars and researchers who need professionals to translate their journal articles to achieve a larger reach. Just leave it to our academic translation experts. Our academic translators are experts in their respective fields, so no matter how technical your economics or sociology paper is, we can translate it accurately.


  • In our ever-globalizing world, it’s more important than ever for businesses to offer information and services in multiple languages. If your Calgary business needs a press release in Punjabi, a blog post in Simplified Chinese, or web content in Spanish, let our business translators take care of it. From Inglewood to Downtown Calgary, firms across Calgary are currently reaping the benefits of our translation expertise.


  • There’s a whole world of non-English-speaking people out there who could enjoy your novel or play if you just translated it. Send your manuscript, whether for a romance novel, a biography, or a comedy play, to our book translators for high-quality translation in any of more than 100 languages.


  • Whether it’s pathology, emergency medicine, internal medicine, or another medical specialty, medical translation is important for healthcare professionals. The specialized medical translation agency with whom we work is equipped to provide doctors in Calgary and across Alberta with professional translation services for medical documents of all kinds in all specialties.


  • Canadian legal terminology is difficult to navigate, so if you’re looking for legal translation, you need translators who are true experts in law. That’s precisely what the certified legal translation agency with whom we partner offers: leading legal translators who can translate Tagalog to English, English to Arabic, and countless other language pairs, all while guaranteeing strict confidentiality. For legal documents on immigration, consumer protection, and more, trust our top-notch legal translation partners.


  • Calgary boasts a large and ever-growing immigrant population. Our translation experts are ready to help anyone who starting a new life in Cowtown by translating medical records, adoption papers, and other official documents for immigration. With our certified translations, you can go through the immigration process faster and with less stress  thanks to our accurate official translations, which are assessed for quality before delivery.


  • The Internet is global, so your website should be, too. Rely on our website translation services to help your business or personal website reach people from all over the world in their native languages.

Just send us the documents you want translated, and we’ll have them back to you shortly.

You can order your first translation here.


We have some of the best translators in the world.

Our translation team is expansive, spanning the entire globe. Even if you need a translation expert for languages such as Icelandic, Zulu, or Amharic, we can accommodate your needs. What’s more, our translators aren’t just experts in their respective languages, they’re also experts in other fields, meaning they can offer even technical translations with striking precision.

Around 1,239,000 people call Calgary home, and among them are innumerable business owners, students, content creators, and others in need of high-quality translation, whether they wish to share information with people abroad or engage Calgarians who speak a foreign language at home. Reasons for translating a document differ widely, and so do our offerings—we have a translation service for everyone.

Our team is ready to help you spread your content beyond a single language.

Want more information or a quote? Contact us today.


We offer free samples.

Why not check out a real sample of our translation work before you commit to a paid order? Reach out to us, and we’ll provide a short, free translation sample of your document in your target language.

Contact us now, and see how skilled we are.

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