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Ethiopia is a unique country within Africa because it was one of the only ones to successfully resist colonization during the European rush for Africa. The country was later overtaken by Italian rulers during the latter’s fascist period, but its initial success in keeping invaders at bay may partially account for why the nation remains so ethnolinguistically diverse today. While most African countries are home to a plethora of ethnic groups that speak distinct languages, Ethiopia outshines most with its 90+ indigenous languages, many of which maintain a robust speaker base.

One of Ethiopia’s many indigenous languages is Wolaitta, or Wolaytta, which constitutes the native language for roughly 7 million Ethiopians, with an additional 3 million speaking the language as their second. However, it’s difficult to derive a precise count of the number of speakers because the line between language and dialect is blurry, and even linguists don’t agree. Regardless, the language is prominent in the region, and the Wolaitta people harbor a fierce pride for their native language and its literary tradition. That doesn’t mean, however, that Wolaitta translation services are easy to come by—they’re not. So we here at are making them more accessible with our Wolaitta translation team.

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Wolaitta: a proud Omotic language

No one language dominates Ethiopia—the country’s biggest native language, Oromo, accounts for a mere 33.8% of the population. But Wolaitta, claiming 2.2% of Ethiopia’s population, comes in sixth among the nation’s 90+ languages. It’s the official language of the Wolayita Zone, making it an important language in the region. It’s a proud member of the small Omotic language branch of the Afroasiatic language family, whose larger branches, Cushitic and Semitic, account for most languages in Ethiopia. Wolaitta is written in the Latin alphabet in schools, but many adults use the native Ge’ez script to write the language.

Wolaitta structures sentences in a basic subject-object-verb word order, the most common word order among the world’s languages. In Wolaitta, the verb almost always comes at the end, with any modifiers, including postpositional phrases, preceding it. Nominal morphology is characterized by grammatical gender and case, and case also applies to adjectives, though an adjective may not necessarily take the same case as the noun it’s modifying. Subjects are also explicitly marked, which is somewhat uncommon among the world’s languages.

Let us break down the language barrier between Wolaitta and English.

If the above explanation hasn’t made it clear enough, Wolaitta and English are worlds apart. Translating languages this different requires a careful and well-trained skill set—it’s not a job for an amateur. That’s why we set out to find the best Wolaitta translators Ethiopia has to offer and bring them right to your fingertips, available with just a few clicks of the mouse. We’ve chosen Wolaitta translators whose years of previous translation experience informs their careful conversion of your content between Wolaitta and English, with special care to ensure that all the nuances of the original text are retained.

Our Wolaitta translation services are available in both directions—English to Wolaitta and Wolaitta to English. They’re also available for all sorts of content types, so whether you find yourself in the corporate, academic, or literary world, you can find the right Wolaitta translation services for you here with us. The translation specialists on our team not only know how to handle specific types of translation niches, but they also boast knowledge in additional fields, so esoteric terms won’t trip them up. Truly, we’re the best Wolaitta translation team on the web.

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Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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