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What to Look for When Selecting a Technical Translation Service

Creating content for your technical business can be tricky. For written texts, you need to work with writers, editors, and translators who understand your processes and systems in order to create quality content that accurately reflects your company.

Unfortunately, finding the right technical translation service can be challenging and time-consuming, because you need someone with expertise in not only the subject matter but also the source and target languages.

At, we can match you with a translator who has the technical and linguistic skills your content demands. Get in touch with us for details on our pricing, turnaround times, and more.

Here is what you should look for in a technical translation service.

Do the translators have the required translation and technical knowledge?

Find out what languages the service translates and what subjects they specialize in. To translate your document accurately, the translator should be familiar with the subject matter and be fluent in both English and the language you’re translating to or from. A subject matter expert will be able to translate your content using the language level and industry-specific technical vocabulary expected by your target audience.

Do they have ample translation experience?

Before you commit to a technical translation service, ask about their translators’ experience. Proven experience is a must, because simply being able to speak the two languages does not automatically make someone a good translator.

With an inexperienced translator, translation can become an arduous task. You’ll end up asking for constant revisions or continually answering questions about the project requirements. In contrast, an experienced translator will know how to solve problems and know when (and how) to query something to avoid wasting your time.

Ask if the company has experience translating to and from the target language and what types of documents they’ve handled in the past. This will give you a good sense of their team’s abilities.

Can the translator create a document for your specific audience?

The most important consideration during translation is your audience. English has three major dialects spoken around the world, and other languages have even more dialects. Ensure that the translator can provide accurate, natural-sounding translations for the dialect spoken by your intended audience.

Units of measurement are another important consideration in technical documents. What do you do if the original document measures distances in kilometers, but the intended audience uses miles? Ditto for temperatures in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit. A skilled translator will understand conversion conventions and help localize this information for your intended audience.

Work with a professional technical translation service

Knowledge, experience, and localization ability are the top three considerations when finding the best translator for your technical project. But you probably have more specific needs, too. For more information about our technical translation service and how we can accommodate your specific requirements, contact our team today.

Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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