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What to Consider When Comparing Vietnamese Translation Services

Vietnamese is spoken primarily in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines, Thailand, New Caledonia, Senegal, and Vanuatu. Vietnamese is also spoken in Western countries, such as the United Kingdom, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Canada, and Australia. It has over 76 million native speakers.

With this widespread use, you need a professional translation service for the best Vietnamese translations. Contact us to work with a professional translator with years of experience translating to and from the Vietnamese language.

Here are a few factors to consider when comparing Vietnamese translation services.

Experience with multiple dialects

Vietnamese is divided into several dialects, broadly grouped as northern, central, or southern Vietnamese. Northern Vietnamese is the standard, but southern Vietnamese is preferred for professional documents in certain regions. An experienced translator can help you determine which dialect to use for different regions.

Fluency in both English and Vietnamese

Only a translator who is truly fluent in both languages can create an accurate and natural-sounding translation. One of the challenges of Vietnamese-to-English translation for native English speakers is the way Vietnamese words with multiple syllables are written. Older writing styles use hyphens to separate syllables (e.g., cào-cào). However, today it is more common to write words with a space between each syllable (e.g., cào cào). This can make it hard for inexperienced translators to know where one word ends and another begins.

Translation experience

Vietnamese translators must be skilled in syntax and semantics, as well as in the practical application of the language. They must know the intention of the author to retain as much of the original meaning as possible. This can be difficult, as some Vietnamese words have connotations without direct equivalents in English, and the Vietnamese language often repeats part of a word to create new words.

A professional Vietnamese translation service will staff seasoned translators who understand these nuances and know from experience which words make the most sense.

Hire a reliable Vietnamese translation company

Contact us today to receive an estimate for Vietnamese translation services. We offer quick turnarounds and a commitment to quality and accuracy.


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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