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What to Consider When Comparing Korean Translation Services

Approximately 63 million people speak Korean around the world, with native speakers in South Korea, North Korea, Japan, China, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. In an increasingly English-dominated world, Korean translation services are in high demand for transforming Korean texts into English and vice versa.

Korean translators need training and experience to capture the essence of the Korean text and interpret it in English. So whether you need translation for your website, press release, or something entirely different, our experienced Korean translation team can handle your content. Contact us to learn more.

What factors should you consider when comparing Korean translation services?

The translation process

Korean culture differs greatly from Western culture, so translators need to be sensitive to cultural nuances. This sensitivity can be the difference between a mistranslated mess and a successful translation that captures the heart of the original text.

Top-quality translators don’t just convert language word-for-word or even phrase-by-phrase. Ask prospective Korean translation services about their translation process; that way, you can avoid companies who use an inadequate word-level approach. You want to work with professionals who use a more holistic approach and translate texts on a sentence and whole document level.

Experience with Hangul and Hanja

Hangul, the modern Korean alphabet, is used for most modern literature and informal writing. However, academic and official documents often use a mix of hangul and hanja, which are Chinese characters.

If you are not fluent in Korean yourself, you may not be able to tell at first glance which characters are used. A skilled translator will be familiar with both and can help you determine what blend of writing systems is best for your project.

Proven Korean translation experience

When looking for a high-quality Korean translation service, you need to know exactly how much experience the translators have and what types of texts that they’ve worked on previously. Generally, you should find someone with at least five years of experience translating to and from Korean.

In the case of specialized documents, such as those containing technical information or industry-specific jargon, you may need to seek a professional who is familiar with your subject to ensure the most accurate translation.


When you are investing in translation, you need to know if the provider can return your text within the desired time frame. Otherwise, no matter their skills and expertise, their services won’t help you achieve your goals.

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We hire only the best Korean translators, who have the skills and experience to deliver professional results. For more information about our Korean translation services, get in touch today.

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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