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What to Consider When Comparing Italian Translation Services

When you’re looking for an Italian translation service, what should you look for to guarantee high-quality translations? Here are three points to consider when selecting a translation service for your business or personal projects.

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Language expertise

Whatever your reason for translating your Italian content into English (or vice versa), you’ll want to ensure that the essence of the Italian version is maintained in the English version. Because Italian traditions and expressions can be very different from those of English-speaking countries, the translator should understand the cultures of both countries. A skilled translator will translate beyond the word and sentence level to capture the full intended meaning of your content.

Italian also presents unique lexical challenges because of its complex system of verb conjugation. Additionally, in Italian interrogatives are conveyed through intonation; translated literally into English, this Italian question would read, “I have the bike?” And in Italian, nouns are classified according to gender. An unskilled translator will betray their lack of expertise by not ensuring agreement in grammatical gender throughout the text.

Translation experience

While deep knowledge of both languages is important, the translator should also have proven translation experience. You want a translator who knows how to overcome linguistic and cultural barriers in order to produce a natural-sounding translation.

Try to find a translation service with experience in your subject matter. Every industry has specific jargon and preferred terminology that someone unfamiliar with the field will find difficult to translate.

Also consider whether the service has experience with your type of document. If you need an English print ad or brochure translated into Italian, you’ll probably find that the Italian text is longer and doesn’t fit the layout. A skilled translator can fit the words to your design but retain the intended meaning.

The all-important timeline

Businesses are run on tight schedules, with translation being just one small piece of the much bigger puzzle. Timing is crucial, so it is important to hire an Italian translation service with a good reputation for meeting deadlines. Ask for references who can speak to the company’s reliability and the quality of their final work.

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Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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