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Spoken in the southern part of the Balkan region, Aromanian is a language closely related to Romanian. Most Aromanian speakers can be found in Greece, and there are also sizable communities of speakers in Albania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Romania, and Serbia. With a widespread language with deep cultural ties, it’s important to make sure that any communication you have in Aromanian is accurate. is now ready to address any of your needs with the Aromanian language. For high-quality and expertly done Aromanian translation services, contact us.

Aromanian - A Minority Language of the Balkans

Aromanian (also known as Macedo-Romanian or Vlach) is an Eastern Romance language closely related to Romanian. In fact, Aromanian and Romanian share many grammatical and lexical features. However, while Romanian takes a larger influence from Slavic languages, Aromanian takes more from Greek. Although there is a significant overlap between the two, they are not mutually intelligible to each other.

Because the language has three main dialects and its geographic range spans many countries, it’s difficult to say how many Aromanian speakers there are in total. Overall, the use of Aromanian is currently in decline. However, both Albania and North Macedonia currently recognize Aromanian as a minority language. It is also an official language in the North Macedonian municipality of Kruševo.

The Most Accurate Communication Available in Aromanian

With several dialects and orthographies to consider as well as a considerable geographic range, finding good Aromanian translation services can be challenging. And as a smaller language, it’s hard to know the quality of service for the language.

You can be sure of the best service and most accurate communication with Get a quote from us now for any needs you might have with either spoken or written Aromanian.


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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