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Translation Services for Udmurt Are Now Available

Russian is the official language of Russia and functions as a lingua franca used for interethnic communication—that much is obvious. But what people may not know is just how many minority languages are spoken in Russia—the figure lies between 100 and 150. In most cases, these languages bear little resemblance to Russian, hailing from entirely different language families. Udmurt is one example—it’s related to Finnish and Hungarian but not Russian.

There are an estimated 335,000 native speakers of Udmurt, most of whom live in Udmurtia, an autonomous republic in Russia. Even though Udmurt is a co-official language of Udmurtia, with Russian naturally being the other official language, the language is classified as endangered, as it faces increasing encroachment from the much bigger and more prestigious Russian language. About 60% of the ethnic Udmurt population speaks the language, but the number has been decreasing, leading most translation companies to avoid Udmurt. We at are passionate about language revitalization, however, so we’re proud to offer Udmurt translation services.

Anyone who would like a free quote for Udmurt translation services is invited to request one today.

Exploring the intricacies of Udmurt

Udmurt comes from the Uralic language family, which originated in the Ural Mountain region where the modern-day Udmurt people still reside. For written language, Udmurt uses the Cyrillic alphabet, just like almost every other indigenous language in Russia. Udmurt grammar is nothing like Russian, but it is just as complex. Whereas Russian features a complicated grammatical gender system, Udmurt has no grammatical gender, but it does have a more elaborate case system that features 15 cases, many of which are locative. Udmurt even has an adjectival case to turn nouns into adjectives.

Udmurt nouns inflect for case, number, and possession, and adjectives may also appear in the plural form. Udmurt adjectives also feature a determinative form to place emphasis on the particular characteristics of the noun, differentiating it from other, similar nouns. In terms of verbs, which conjugate for various tenses and aspects, Udmurt has a special “negative verb” that it conjugates as needed and uses in conjunction with a verbal participle to express negation. To form possessive sentences (e.g., “I have a book”), Udmurt adds possessive suffixes to both the owner and the possessed object alongside the verb “to be.”

Udmurt is a unique language—that’s one of the reasons our native-speaking Udmurt translators love it so much. They know the ins and outs of the language and are ready to translate your project.

Available for all sorts of Udmurt translation needs

Our Udmurt translators are experienced and well versed in Udmurt translation, so they can easily handle a wide range of translation needs. Here’s just a small list of the types of content our team can translate to and from Udmurt:

  • Historical documents from Udmurt to English (even those in a different orthography)

  • Udmurt literature from Udmurt to English (a wonderful way to spread Udmurt culture around the globe)

  • Questionnaires from English to Udmurt (ideal for researchers or governmental agencies working with Udmurt speakers)

  • Books, poems, websites, apps, games, and more from English to Udmurt (a fantastic way to promote language revitalization and use among speakers and learners)

So, why not get started with Udmurt translation services today? Send us a message with the details of your project!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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